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Goodbye Squash Crop

The cure for Pickleworm is apparently a whole lot of poison. You can use organic poison, but that’s still what you’re doing. Otherwise, cry a lot, use row covers, and cry some more.

I am hoping to grow Gem Squash next year, and have planned to grow nothing BUT so that I get seeds for saving, and I'm REALLY hoping they fruit before the pickleworms arrive.

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(Deleted comment)
Gonna try pantyhose over the gem squash, I think--that's what some people say they have luck with. If that fails...well, I guess Bt, though I hate HATE to use it in a moth friendly garden. I've only got a dozen squash seeds, though, so I gotta hoard them.

What you need are GMO squash that make Bt internally. But the only GMO squash I've heard about were engineered for virus resistance.

I am very curious to know if the panty hose trick works. Because if it does…
There will be a good reason in the universe for panty hose. EVAR!!!

(I'm just say'n)

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