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Goodbye Squash Crop

The cure for Pickleworm is apparently a whole lot of poison. You can use organic poison, but that’s still what you’re doing. Otherwise, cry a lot, use row covers, and cry some more.

I am hoping to grow Gem Squash next year, and have planned to grow nothing BUT so that I get seeds for saving, and I'm REALLY hoping they fruit before the pickleworms arrive.

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We get codling moth down here in NuZild, and we had some luck last season with wrapping a particular double sided sticky tape around the trunk. This season we're planning on using the tape again, but on individual branches as well, together with a pheremone trap to catch the moths.

Apparently the egggs are laid in the ground and the larvae crawl up the trunk and branches to reach the fruit, which the sticky tape prevents.

Obviously YMMV applies on the other side of the planet.

Sticky tape? My dad used to use a product called Tanglefoot for the same effect (for ants and a type of beetle.) You might look that up, since it's probably easier.

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