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Hamster Princess Release Date!

...was yesterday, actually. I had allergies. I was not doing well.

But you can buy it today! On Amazon! In bookstores! Wherever your heart desires! IT HAS SO MUCH GLITTER YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH GLITTER THIS THING HAS!

I'll be doing signings and occasional school thingies next month in the Triangle area, and the big book tour goes in October! I'll post more details when I got 'em!

You had me at GLITTER.

I've been Tumbr-ing this to friends! Woot!

When my wife pulled it out of the package and showed it to me, the first words out of my mouth were indeed "Holy crap that's a lot of glitter."

That's so cool! Congratulations.


did you perhaps delete your tumblr? it...vanished. i worried about you!

She renamed it for brand separation purposes, look for tkingfisher. :) (The children's author one is ursula-vernon I believe.)


[I tried to avoid mentioning that the number of plungers goes from two to four to two, but I seem to be unable to.]

One of the things I particularly like was Harriet's insistence that since she is a princess and does something, it was clearly something that princesses do.

My son stole it to take to summer camp this morning. I was both pleased to see that he thought a pink glittery book was his ineffable right, and grumpy that I had to wait.

Lots of glitter ... and a damn good story to go along with it.

I received the copy I ordered for my 7 year old this afternoon. My 12 year old finished reading it this evening.

I looked for it at the library

it is so glittery and happy that small (5 year old children, and toddlers!) pick it off the the new shelf and carry it around the library in joy. I spotted one. Smiling like she was holding a treasure. The librarian apologized, but really, I'll go buy a copy and then go bask in the joy in the J section of the library.

Also, Knightnapped apparently gets pulled into strange places by the youth who read while flopped out like tired pets. Very apologetic librarian. What a lovely thing!

Re: I looked for it at the library

I absolutely adore the mental image of a happy small child carrying around the glittery book. :D

OMG Will you come to MPLS because Please?

You can stay in my guest room.

Peter S Beagle stayed in my guest room.

Clearly it is a place for Important People like yourself.

And here in Europe, we'll have to wait...

My 9 year old did not even hesitate as he swiped the book to take with him to summer camp. My feminist self was happy that the glittery pink didn't even give him pause. My selfish self was displeased, because it's *my* book and *I* should get to read it first!

My husband has swiped my copy and is using it to bribe the children through teeth brushing, reading it to them one chapter at a time.

I suppose this is good for their dental hygiene, but it is making me crazy.

It's beautiful, by the way. The glitter has a function - it sucks the target audience and the potentially unsuspecting adults surrounding the target audience in. "What book shall I buy for a six year-old girl? Ah! This one, with glitter!" The effectiveness of the glitter makes me want to cackle with glee.

I was a good person; I let the 10 year old read it before I did. When I showed it to her, she bounced, grabbed it from my hands and ran off to her room. Upon finishing it, she declared it to be Awesome, Harriet to be Excellent and Brilliant because if /she/ were cursed, she would totally go off and fight dragons and dive off cliffs too, because AWESOME, and that she loved the fact that it was a variant on a fairy tale. Then I read it and agreed with her completely.