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(no subject)

Having sold the Cardinal painting--to a very good home, I hasten to add!--I was thinking it'll be odd not to have it around the house anymore, since it's right in front of me on the wall when I leave the studio. So I was thinking about the cardinals, and the dogwoods are currently blooming, and I wound up doodling a quick little watercolor of a cardinal in spring. It's obviously nowhere near the complexity of the original, but it amused me.


Hmm. Auctions still up, put up some little originals as well that were cluttering up my studio space--generally stuff I wasn't quite happy with and so I had left them out to work on when I figured out what needed to happen, and then a few weeks slid by and they were just taking up valuable real estate atop the watercolor pile. So to auction they go!


And now that it appears I've gotten an agent for the Anthrocon art show--time to get to work on originals! Yaaaah! Once more into the breach!

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LOvely Cardinal
it brought joy
thank you

My dedication to tapirkind is really weakening my resistance against buying stuff. Not to mention, my Takin wants a sibling...


If I recollect my time in the south correctly, the cardinal is the state bird of North Carolina, and the dogwood is the state flower. Throw in a loblolly pine (state tree) or a box turtle (state reptile) or something, and next thing you know you'll be three steps away from participating in civil war reenactments and saying "y'all". . .

Time to send my bayonet to the cleaners!

A quick note. Dr. Conway (Kagemushi) said that the waiting list for Artist Tables at AC was only two people, meaning you should be able to get in if you tried. Assuming that was the only reason you'd not want to go to AC.

Guh. Tempting...well, definitely next year.

He had mentioned I should let you know, I would assume he's hopeful he'd find space. Alas, I'm not even going. :)

*grin* I'm touched! However, as much as I'd love to, I kinda doubt I'll be able to afford it--cons are always a gamble, and I wouldn't want to do one without enough disposable income to cover the trip if sales totally tanked. Next year, definitely!

And you've hit upon why I won't be going to many cons until I get Pharmacy school handled and have a job that will allow me to attend in a way I want to. Tho, since MFF is nearby, and I have a free membership for being staff last year. That one I'm going to. :)

...and once again I find myself wishing I wasn't a poor college student and could actually buy from you. The shrew and the tapir are gorgeous!

Eee! Shrew's so cute! *bid*

Ooooooooooooohhhh A harlekin tapir O.O *stares starry-eyed*

Damn, this poor college student thing sucks >.<


Soon, if not already you could do a new set of animals sitting and wearing those slightly monk/jedi clothes....

Looks like a damp tapir in the rain, to me.

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