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General Roundup

Couple of things, all of them small, but generally neat.

1. There's an interview at i09 about Hamster Princess!

2. We sold Bulgarian rights to the first three Dragonbreath books. I have never sold Bulgarian rights to anything, so I am thrilled!

3. I found a snakeskin in the garden! It was partway up a tree, as if the snake hooked itself on the tree bark and then slithered up, out of the skin. It was so perfect that it still had eye scales! It's probably a black racer.

4. Bob has a pollen problem. The hive is very worried about him.

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Bob looks like a cat who simultaneously discovered styrofoam peanuts and static electricity.

Yes! Exactly like that!

I am far too familiar with what that looks like. You are, indeed, correct.

Definitely a pollen problem. Poor Bob. Time for an intervention ....

Bob can stop *any time*...

Bee-Bob! I hope he's a cowboy.

I have always wondered how one checks foreign editions for translation errors if you don't speak that language.
I know, you need to trust the publishing house and their personnel, but still…

Anyways, Congratulations!

Bob swears that he's fine; he can quit at any time. And really, it was a stressful day in the hive; he'll be better tomorrow.

I originally followed the link to the Hamster Princess interview from your Tumblr, and I'm so grateful that you posted it here as well. Because there's a part of me that reads "Hugo and Nebula Award Winning Author Ursula Vernon" and suddenly thinks "Ack! She's famous! I can't possible comment on this person's blog! She's an Award Winner!"

And then you post about Bob, and I feel like I have to tell you that it's Your Fault that I have spent way too much time trying to determine the species of the butterfly that was fluttering around my lantana. I think it was a Limenitis Arthemis, and now I have the name of one butterfly in my garden.


And bah, you people should know by now that I wear my shirt inside out at least once a month. I would be very sad if you never commented again.

Those of us who spend 20+ hours with you at conventions are somewhat less likely to decide you're too cool to talk to us anymore. Especially after we both have to tell each other that our jeans are unzipped. ;)

The 6 year old found my copy of Dragonbreath (which tbh I forgot I had bought back when it launched,) and was all "Can we read THIS for bedtime story?" So now we're onto book 2 and the ninja frogs...

Bee Bob is lulu, she's so crazy
It's all the pollen that sent her hazy...

Sorry, couldn't resist!

I did not know it looked like that.

Isn't Bob a girl bee?

Bobina? Bobette? I was thinking that myself.

Bobby.. although really, she could be butch enough to just go with Bob.

Bob could solve that if he'd/she'd shave his or her back once in a while.

Congrats on the Bulgarian coup, heehee!

Hamster Princess is my new favorite thing and I have read it three times since I got it last Thursday.

I just thought you should know that.

I'm now wondering what would scare a snake enough it'd jump out of it's skin?!
[yes, I do know they shed them, it's just a funny mental image though.]

And yay! about Hamster Princess... although that little promo-video has got me thinking that an animated cartoon series based on your work would all kinds of awesome!

Ursula cartoons for the win!

Join the crowd! I want to be the voice of Danny's Mother.

Edited at 2015-08-27 01:32 am (UTC)

So, do you have a Life List for countries in which you've been published? :D

Also, in happy news, I saw a Monarch in my backyard this weekend for the first time since, well, I don't know when. It checked out all of the immature milkweeds in my flowerbed before moving on; I hope it had better luck at the neighbor's.

Oh, wow! A monarch! I haven't seen one here in years...

(Deleted comment)
If you were anywhere near Seattle, I'd totally let you borrow my physical copy.

(Deleted comment)
That...is not very near Seattle, no. I hope your e-reader decides to behave long enough for you to finish the book!

Congrats! very exciting!

Did you take a picture of the snakeskin? Would love to see it! That sounds awesome!

"Bulgarian Rights" sounds like some kind of Cold War slang- like Moscow Rules.

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