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Cover Reveal!

Coming in November, the 47North version of Seventh Bride!

Okay, not so many bird skulls on the cover as my self-pub one, but damn, I'm pretty impressed. I'm pretty hands off with covers, but I suggested a couple compositiony things and they ran with 'em.

To forestall the questions!

This is a re-release of Seventh Bride, by Amazon's 47North publishing house. This one is the same story, plus about eight thousand words, as the one I put out last November. You are not missing huge swaths if you do not buy it twice, there are no hidden explanations or big reveals, but you get a couple bonus scenes here and there.

It will have a physical copy available through Amazon, and possibly in bookstores. So if you wanted that print copy, it's on its way and will be available!

It will have an audiobook version. (In fact, now's probably a good time to mention that Bryony & Roses is also getting an audiobook version, from Tantor Media! Audio for everybody!)

The ebook version currently available will no longer be available at all, anywhere, in October. This new version will only be available through Amazon. If you've already bought Bride in e-book form, you won't lose it or anything awful like that (I checked!) but if you want to buy a copy for some other species of e-reader, you gotta do it in the next month.

They have purchased, at the time of this writing, no other T. Kingfisher books, and I have no current plans to go Amazon-exclusive with any existing titles. If they wish to buy others, then, y'know, case-by-case basis. This is an experiment for me, and I do not have the least idea if I will sell a million copies or five. I certainly hope that it sells very well!

(I will note that they have been really, really good to work with, very fast, very responsive, and they didn't whitewash the cover. They are hyper-efficient, and they specifically requested to include my Alfie in the list of awards on the bio, so they are also...let's say, genre-savvy. If they came back for another book and sales are solid, I would absolutely work with them again.)

I have no plans to stop writing kid books as Ursula Vernon. (On the contrary, I'm on the hook for five more hamster books and another stand-alone middle-grade novel!) But if the Amazon marketing machine gets behind T. Kingfisher and pushes, you certainly may see more T. Kingfisher books getting higher priority in the future, as opposed to "The very last thing I do if I have any energy left whatsoever." I think that'd be pretty cool.

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Physical copies are good... it's difficult to give ebooks as seasonal gifts. Especially to elderly relatives who have no ebook reader.

It's a lovely cover!

I'm surprised that they didn't want to publish it with your art for the cover, though -- was that a you-decision or a them-decision? When you've got a ragingly talented artist on-tap, it seems a little strange to go with an in-house one instead.

With that said, having read the book, the cover looks great and story-appropriate. Best of luck with this experiment/venture! :)

-- A <3

Well, they have in-house people, and my covers are very...specific. And I didn't have anything like the time to do another cover, so I was happy to yield the floor to one of their artists.

I don't mind at all. Mine are good for what they are, but they know what sells for THEM.

Congrats on the Amazon deal and its cover! Would you consider offering your covers for this, Bryony and Roses, and Toad Words as prints, please?

That is a GORGEOUS cover!


Do they have a cover option for self pubs? I don't remember seeing that during my investigating.

That is fantastic! I wonder what media it is? It almost looks like colored pencil...!

I think it's digital, but they've got a really colored-pencil texture going on, and I'm impressed with that. Looks very...warm.

My Kobo and I are weeping over here, but for your sake, I hope the sales are good. Also, good on them for including the Alfie.

Calibre has a plugin that lets you convert Amazon books to .epubs, just sayin'. Although, Amazon did just release a new version of Kindle for PC so it might have broken that. I have a Kobo, too.

Physical T. Kingfisher books is a highly exciting prospect!

I still like your cover better :P

Physical T. Kingfisher sounds like the name of a Groucho Marx character.

Edited at 2015-09-07 06:19 pm (UTC)

The better to get things signed later!

Congratulations on being in the top 200 in Faery Tales at Amazon! I've done my bit by pre-purchasing a copy (and if you buy the physical book, the Kindle version is only another 99 cents, yay!). Mmmm, 8000 more words.

Here's hoping it winds up closer to 5 million than 1 million sales. Heirloom tomato and local mulch vendors get starry-eyed at the very thought.

(I know you meant 5, not 5 million, but it pleases me to pretend otherwise. Also, who knows? The appetite for heroic hedgehogs is mysterious.)

Ooh, what a neat cover! Though I admit I am sort of glad I have my ebook copy with the old cover, because I really like that one. I may have to invest in the print version of the new.

That's a great cover. It made me immediately want to buy the book. I think that qualifies as a characteristic of a good book cover.

Ooooh, nice.

I'm especially excited about the audio version!

(OMG, I can leave comments on all LJ entries again. YAY!)

Anyway, this just reminded me that I need to get the self-pub'd version before they go away. So I'm setting a calendar reminder for me on that. And I'll be getting the new one as well because, well, 8,000 words!

Do you know who's handling publicity for it? I'm contracted to cover it for NPR (I've been pushing for coverage of your books for a while, but couldn't get traction as long as they were self-published) so I need to touch base with someone in September about getting a copy of the new edition.

Ah....goodness! So cool! Try contacting 47north? If you don't get anywhere, e-mail me, and I'll see if I can get the editor/publicist at 47north to do something.

So exciting! Bought the current version and preordered the new. If Bryony and Roses gets a paperback version, I'll be all over that like a kid in a candy store (I collect B&B retellings).

Me too! Tell me, are there any weird ones that you can't live without that I should look for?

Well, one that I like is K. M. Shea's version. It's also the first book of an ongoing series where she's incorporating various fairy tales into one world setting. Abigail Rogers has a version where Beauty is the Witch. It dragged a bit but I thought it was still an interesting take. Grace Draven's Entreat Me is at its core a B&B story but is really different.

*hi five* from someone working at Amazon. I was onsite the day the launched one of the MOD (Made on Demand) machines that prints these books, and it is a very cool process.

Dear Hogfather,

I have been very good this year, especially about the vegetables. Pretty please, let Amazon decide to make paper books of Bryony and Roses? I will be very good next year too!



A datapoint: I was just now able to preorder the print edition through my local indie bookstore, and they also have preordering available for the audobook versions. So, yay!

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