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An entirely true story

Today I ate two grape tomatoes which were intensely tomato and
I watched a hummingbird try to figure out how mallow works and
I planted a snakeroot that has seen better days and
I sowed seeds of a rain lily that I lost the tag for but the flowers are white and
I chopped back the plants eating the walkway and
I wrote a script for a weird little podcast that makes a couple hundred people a little happier and
I saw a praying mantis fly for just a couple feet and
I harvested one fig and
it is raining just a little as if it can't make up its mind and
even if I get nothing else done today
the day has not been wasted.

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Things accomplished!

Small days full of nice things are such a refreshing blessing.

I played my first tabletop roleplay game last night, managed to roll high on charisma, and now I'm leading the army of giant spiders that we were sent to kill. The DM's pretty mad at us, but I learned from the best.

What Ursula said! The closest I've gotten to Rooster escapades was surviving the Dungeon of Doom while the rest of my party literally crashed and burned around me, thus making the mission a joke, and I had picked up a Zombie Drider and two Zombie Minotaurs. I made it out after rescuing back up characters, looked around, said "F. This" and sent a message back to our contact two towns away via Zombie Crow. "Mission total bust, Necromancer Elf only one left alive, recommend alternate route." He sent us a paladin. My character fell over laughing.

I am envious of the rain. And the fig. Shall you eat it alone or in something else?

That sounds like the best kind of day.

this is how I feel some days and this describes it perfectly. thank you :)

It was a good day. I spent most of Sunday relaxing on my couch, petting my cats and ferrets and snakes and bearded dragons, and just letting myself rest; and that was a good day too.

Sounds pretty much perfect.

This reminds me of a poem by William Carlos Williams--or possibly e.e. cummings.

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