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Succulent Problem

For those who don't follow my Twitter, I am rapidly developing a minor succulent addiction. There are so many. And they are so pretty. And they are sturdy.

And I went and bought a couple at the garden shop a few weeks ago, and when you go to repot those suckers, each one turns into like four because they come apart and each one is a whole plant.

Now I know why people do all those cute little sedum baskets and planters in birdhouses and whatnot. Because they've run out of pots.

This led to the following conversation:

ME: I'm gonna be in the studio punching drainage holes in stuff.
KEVIN: 'Kay.
ME: If you hear a scream, I missed!
KEVIN: ....sigh.

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Kevin is so perfect for you.
After years of listening to you two talk for an hour and half every week I really feel as if you two are old friends. Which is unfortunate because you don't know me at all.
But I can hear him sigh. And it always make me laugh.
I wish I had someone like Kevin in my life.

*imagining an entire refrigerator covered with drilled out corks planted with tiny sedums...*

no stop don't give her more ideas

They are so cuuuute though... ;D

I have two corks with my name on it (Chateau Diana - oh the wine was awful o.O - but my name!) just so I can do this! ^o^

Edited at 2015-09-03 12:44 am (UTC)

*covers face* .... Yes, they are super cute! <3 >.>;;;;

This! I can DO this! I have a ton of corks and magnets and glue. I just need the succulents.

As it happens it seems there are lots of folks around with extras! ;D

If you don't get any offers to adopt a bunch of pups I know there are folks on Etsy selling them. I probably shouldn't say that too loudly...

There's only one problem with sedums. They SPREAD.

ManymanyMANY years ago, I went to a garden party at the adult education college my father taught at, and had 3d (threepence, or thruppence, in Old Money) on the tombola. And I won a teeny tiny pot with a teeny tiny rosette of plant in it (seriously, I think this was a 1" pot. Maybe a 1.5"...), which I proudly took home. We looked it up, it was some sort of Sedum Spurium. And it outgrew the pot, and the bigger pot, and then it got transplanted into Mum's 'ground cover' border at the side of the driveway, where even car exhaust fumes did not worry it. And when I moved into this flat (almost 30 years ago), I asked her to bring me down some of it when she visited ... and it's still going strong in my (small) front, north-facing, heavily-shaded, sloping, garden. Every so often I have to pull up bits of it that have migrated to where they shouldn't be, and try to ensure that I don't drop any scraps, because they'll root.

In the (south-facing) back garden, in a hanging basket, is another even smaller-leaved sedum which goes red in the autumn (I forget the name, something like Blood Scarlet?), and that drops bits everywhere, so I'm forever pulling that up from the ground.

Mind you, possibly neither of them is as bad as the lily-of-the-valley that also came from Mum's garden, and she got it originally from my Dad's sister, possibly before I was born. It's at the opposite side of the front garden, or at least it's supposed to be. It's over-run the aubrietia, and is making determined inroads on the miniature campanula. If I let it run wild, it'd smother the brodiaea, the snowdrops, the cyclamen, the grape hyacinths, the Welsh poppies, AND (quite possibly) the sedum.

Let's not talk about the shy wild violet that someone gave me, shall we?

I am so jealous. Roomie's cats just killed my long-suffering aloe (alas poor Seymour!) and it is now abundantly clear no amount of catproofing is sufficient for Hunter, King of the Derps. (good thing he's cute) Succulents are so lovely and they are so fun to have. Mom has an aloe that she has regularly divided and given bits away as graduation presents because it is so prolific, and she's found that hen and chicks is the perfect thing to fill in the weird bits of garden nothing else likes.

I love how sturdy succulents are. The family green thumb skipped a generation, leaving me with a 1st grader who wants to grow plants in his bedroom. I'm unreliable when it comes to watering, and at 6 years old so is he. I think his hens & chicks died (I'm currently attempting to revive it) but the aloe and jade plant are still hanging in there.

I was amused to hear you talk about playing Okami a few KUECs ago, because on my latest playthrough of it I've found myself imagining Amaterasu and Issun as you and Kevin. (Or maybe as Rooster and Kevin.)

"Okay, now we have to get to the City Checkpoint for our next objective."
"BUT THERE ARE CHICKENS! I need to feed them and carry them around for a while because they love me!"

I did not show you THIS.
Nope. Not me.

Okay, I really dislike fairy gardens in general for being insufferably twee, but I'll admit the little steps are awfully clever.

I like the use of broken pots and many levels.
The little houses… not so much.

Just saw your MLP on Tumblr. Brilliant!

Oooh, that is really creative. A little over the top for me, but really quite creative. The pumpkin one is almost something I'd display, though.

They are twee, but do a Google Image search for "Broken flower pots"...

What is "twee"? Is that like a cute preteen girl?

(Deleted comment)
They are such easy things to grow a friend of mine nicknamed them tribble cacti as they were so prolific.

I love succulents as well--they tolerate a great range of conditions and water levels, and wow, do they have variety, yeah!

So, should I bring a few small pots to MileHiCon as offerings?

Crassulas. Echeverias. Sempervivums. ALOES.

Succulents have been a problem for me for a few years now.

My aloe plant happily threw babies every year for a decade (I'm guessing most of the aloe in suburban Chicago are descended from it at this point) but did not survive being repotted and then left on the porch during an early freeze. I have a source for one of its babies, though...

My jade grew and grew but then moved to NC, where it was not at all happy and rotted away piece by piece. I miss it.

When they were alive they had little bite marks all over. Apparently "no, ick, can't eat that" is something cats have to relearn fairly constantly.

Twee is a very British term.
"excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental."

Ursula, we're all here because we love you and we're afraid of what this succulent addiction is doing to you...

Succulents are AWESOME! ZZ plant looks like dinosaur food, and Sansevieria is so much fun to say! They're practically indestructible, too. They sometimes go months without water in my kids' rooms, and it barely phases them. If they start looking ill, I haul them to the living room (where "out of sight, out of mind" no longer applies) and baby them* for a bit before sending them back to hell, I mean the kids' rooms.

*I give them a good soaking in the sink, then water them occasionally.

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