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My Little Pony Planter

Sometimes you manage to kill two birds with one stone...

I can't imagine I'm the first person to think of this, but rough directions here.

This particular pony had pin-dot AND some child had taken a marker to her, so I have no particular qualms. (It was a Snuzzle.) The succulents will root or not, but they'll at least take awhile to die.

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Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

Best icon in best post! You can go home, everybody. The day has been won.


you implied on tumblr that you most likely aren't selling her/future ponies, but if that were to change, what kind of a price point would you anticipate?

#christmasiscoming #likehousestarkbutmorefestive

Honestly, I couldn't ship her with dirt and plants in, so...uh...no idea. I could price fake ones, I guess. Or air plants...

Words are not enough. *does interpretive dance instead*

Oh, great idea! There was a house down the street from us that had old kitchen appliances (toasters, coffee pots, kettles) with plants in them.

Are those ponies some kind of soft plastic? I thought they were solid.

I'm thinking dragon's blood sedum in a doll's head.

They're a hollow molded plastic. Gotta cut drainage holes in the feet and I still don't know how well it'll drain, but we'll find out...

That. Is. Brilliant.

Pleeeease keep us updated on how she turns out. :D

Cute idea and giving new life to an old toy that was not appreciated.

Markers will usually come off with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

She looks pretty pleased with herself, and I dearly hope the succulents take root!

Atta gardener!

Very cute and what a creative idea :-)

I love it!!!

It has a certain SCP type vibe to it!

It makes me happy to live in a world where such a thing exists. Thank you.

I could not love this more.

What a perfect plant choice! The curvy shapes of the... leaves? pods? and the pony complement each other, especially the way the plant imitates the shape of her eye.

That is the best use for a MLP I have seen, ever. Such an appropriate choice I hope it takes as this is much more ornamental than a plant pot.

This is great! I'm going to have to checkout the junk shops for spare ponies to do this with. Makes a more interesting centrepiece than a pot, for sure!

Do you know about hypertufa? Forget pots, make your own, and your only limitation is your imagination. :) There can be drilling and chiseling involved.

Well. That out-cutes the cactus planted in babies' cowboy boots. Brava.

(Deleted comment)
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