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Garden Journal Sept. 6th

I am not making this up. It is not an attractive pepper.

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Birdses on coneflowers! None hear yet, but nothing is ripe. Not even the regular ol' sunflowers. Good luck and no strained back on the hardscaping. You are inspring me to start again on finishing my path from back door to the alleyway.

The last of the peaches are in the farmers market this weekend in Colorado. Do you do peachiness stuff in N. Carolina like they do in Georgia?

Not quite as enthusiastically as Georgia--we're more about the barbecue--but we do like peaches quite a lot. A ripe peach with goat cheese is a glory.

Oooh, a ripe peach with goat cheese does sound tasty.

Somewhere, I came across a recipe that involves slicing the peaches in half and grilling them, and meanwhile taking some fresh rosemary and some granulated sugar in a mortar and grinding them together, and then mixing that into mascarpone cheese (I'm sure goat cheese would work well too!) and finally putting a spoonful of the cheese/rosemary mixture in the middle of the grilled peaches.

Hot Hot Hot!

I was chatting with D.H. Stein at Dragon today. One of the few minutes I wasn't working.

Oh, awesome! She is the best of people.

I see what you mean about the Carolina Reapers

I have never seen such a bumpy surface on a pepper before.

It looks like it's going to burrow up through the roof of your mouth and lay eggs in you brain O_O

As it is the world's hottest pepper no wonder it looks like someone took a blow torch and melted a normal pepper. With half a dozen peppers that is going to be a very hot sauce!

The habeneros look sweeter though still toxic to me, I'm allergic to all the peppers.

Chicken looks worried that the gold finches will steal all the seeds.

Goldfinches seem almost military to me, like little golden cruise missiles. It must be the way they fly.

Speaking of the Carolina Reaper…

I think I must have sent you this video (of Chili Klaus conducting the Danish National Chamber Orchestra while the musicians each eat a Carolina Reaper while attempting to play a tango), but I feel everyone should see this masterpiece:


Re: Speaking of the Carolina Reaper…

I was amazed at the professionalism. Those people are hardcore.

Re: Speaking of the Carolina Reaper…

Good lord. Did he throw up, there at the end? Poor kid.

I wouldn't agree to do something like that for any money. I like hot food, but there's a huge difference between "hot" and "incendiary", and I don't get into "who can eat the hottest stuff" dicksizing contests.

Re: Speaking of the Carolina Reaper…

I don't think so, since the other fellow walked right through where he was standing. But. Oh gods, those poor people. I hope they were paid well for that!

Re: Speaking of the Carolina Reaper…

Hardcore isn't hard enough. Metal. Those musicians are METAL.

Makes the flutist who had a butterfly lick her face during a performance look tame.

Have you grown cuca-melons yet?

That' pepper looks like it should be called "Satan's Nutsack", especially given the heat it's supposed to have.

I have ghost peppers going, and I often look for people willing to take them off my hands. Next project: weaponized vodka.

Thank you for the most uproarious belly laugh I've had in weeks. :)

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