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It is very important that a kitten supervise my work at all times, or I might do ANYTHING.

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OMgosh how adorable.

Whatever book you're currently writing you'll have to dedicate it to the kitten for all the help s/he has given you. That's what kittens are for ;)



Kittyloaf does the same thing, which is fine when I'm using my mouse, but when I switch over to the Intuos, he's *really* in the way.

[Psst! The picture's not displaying!]

I know- it's set to only display to people on my watch/Flist :)

Work unsupervised by a kitten is worthless. And that kitten seems to have a lot of grey--or has he also been supervising coal delivery? Kittens!

Oddly enough, for being orange tabby, she seems to have points. Her ears, mask, base of tail and feet are all sort of smudged. I suspect there was a Siamese somewhere in the none-to-distant past.

Interesting! I have a tortie with black points, but I don't think I've ever seen points on an orange tabby.

The "genetics" and "colors/conformation" sections of the MessyBeast site are *fascinating* -- I'd be curious where your little orange critter falls on the genetic spectrum :)


(I actually found out some interesting things about my own cats that I hadn't known, even though I had a reasonable knowledge about cat coloring and how it's inherited. Apparently, Zuul isn't a silver tabby, she's a silver-blue!)

-- A <3

Oh, wow! Just bought a used copy -- sounds like a really entertaining book. Thanks for the recommendation!

(I had wondered for a moment if she was related to Stephen Jay Gould, one of my favorite authors -- but I'd think she would have at least an informal genetics background, were she his daughter!)

-- A <3

I wondered, too, but I think not. She writes well, like he does, though.

Don't tell anybody, but I think your supervisor is asleep on the job.

Looks to me as if she's supervising her own tail. Highly competently, though.

And yet there are still people who think cats don't care about us.

Can I trade you supervisors?

I have a similar supervisor stretched out next to me at the moment, only he is a silver/brown tabby. Lovely picture but is the tortie jealous or is she following Kevin now?

I have a similar supervisor, except she's a combination of silver/smoke with a bit of buff and a splash of white. When I'm able to, I'll get a photo of Tovarish and post it She has yet to give Her Royal Consent.

oh i wish I could have a cat in my dorm

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