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Galapagos Tomato

There is a tomato from the Galapagos and it is tiny and yellow and apparently super resistant to everything and breeders cross it with other tomatoes to make them pest resistant and I found a place that sells seed and it was a primary food source for Galapagos tortoises and I have never started a tomato from seed before but I am deeply and madly in love.

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Don't start them too early - and purchase a seed starting mix because 'damping off'.

Instructions say to start them 10-12 weeks before setting out. I have nice sized plants after 6.

I've found the Weekend Gardener Grow Guide very helpful for not starting my seeds too early (or late!)

You plug in your last and first frost dates, a planing date, and if tells you what should be happening that week.

You and this tomato were MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

Next step is breeding Galapagos tortoises!

Considering the sorts of things that we usually get to read about on here, my thoughts immediately went to how we'd soon be learning about how great Ursula's tomatoes were doing until an unexpected and previously unknown example of giant, migratory tortoises heading for the Galápagos Islands ate them all overnight.

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I'm sure she would try if she could.

For bonus points, when they fruit you could find out if any zoos local to you have Galapagos tortoises and give them a little present from home!

I used to start a ton of seeds, mostly tomato and pepper, before I moved into an oak grove. This gizmo from Park works really well with a shop-lite hanging over it (the shop-lites come with hanging chains so they're easily adjustable; I used a coated-wire shelf to hold everything). http://parkseed.com/parks-original-bio-dome-60-cell-seed-starter/p/06529/

seed starting product rec marked as spam. Sorry.

It's okay! And I've got a seed-starting light and heat pad and stuff. My big problem is finding a really good seed starting mix, since all they sell around here is Miracle-Gro...although Blackgold makes a good cactus mix, maybe they'll have a good starter...

...doesn't Amazon Prime deliver for free?

This is the most interesting tomato I've heard of in ages.

FWIW, I used to start tomato seeds in regular soil amended with extra perlite or vermiculite. These have to be tough, they're used to self-sowing in the Galapagos!

"Galapagos Tomato Seed package did not, in fact, contain TOMATO seeds; instead, first crop proved to be hardy, pest-resistant Galapagos TORTOISES..."

oh girl it's super easy ... tomatoes grow like weeds!

Yep , this. Mine do great year after year with nothing but a sunny window in February. Tomatoes WANT to grow.

Lucky! Frost has killed every tomato I've ever tried growing.

where are you located? i tend to start my tomato seeds about 2 months under grow-lights (if you don't have grow-lights a sunny window will do, even when your seedling gets "leggy" you can plant your tomato deep with some of the overlong stem underground, the tomato is versatile and will grow roots from the stem) and buy a short-season tomato ... seed packets will show the maturation dates (usually 75-120 days) so i'd pick one under 80 days if your tomatoes keep getting killed by frost due to a short season. if frost is killing your seedlings you are planting too early ... you can get a Wall of Water to put around a seedling, but it's better to just wait past the last frost date in your grow-zone <3

I now have a mental image of little yellow tomatoes with tiny capes battling the forces of Mildew and Rust!

Now all you need is a giant tortoise planter to grow them in (I Googled - these do exist!).

I've started several flats of tomatoes from seed and have never had a problem. I bottom water when the soil is dry and keep a GIANT light on the little guys. Tomatoes are great 'cos if they're leggy at transplant time, you just shove the stalk farther into the dirt and they just root and are totally happy. GOOD LUCK! <3

I've actually grown that specific tomato. Grows like mad and gives you these lovely little yellow grape sized tomatoes. The only problem I had with them is I'd mix them up with my ground cherries and be deeply disappointed because I don't actually like eating tomatoes.

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