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Tiny Treefrog

I was in the garden and something went "hop!" near the basil. That's the only way I could have spotted this tiny little guy. He could sit on my thumbnail and not hang over the sides. This photo is about twice life size.

I THINK he's a newly-transformed Cope's Gray Treefrog, based on the warts and the paler spot under the eye--probably coming out of the rain barrel--but I can't be sure. He could be a Spring Peeper for all I know, though the head shape doesn't look quite right. He was so tiny, though...

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What a cutie! It looks like a gray treefrog to me, fwiw. I agree with you about the head shape being wrong for a peeper: Peepers are generally finer featured (it would help if we could see its toes).

That is so very cool. But keep the chicken away from the little darling. Even fictional chickens might not be good for little tiny frogs. (I have to assume they can, contrary to expectations, in fact take care of themselves.)

When I was young, one of my mom's best friends lived by a swamp that produced these incredibly tiny little dark brown frogs. I mean, easily fit on your pinky nail tiny.

I need to find out what they were, it's on the Gulf Coast...

Definitely not a peeper. Too bumpy.

*park naturalist hat* Definitely a gray treefrog of some sort, and if you've got Cope's in the area then that's a likely bet. Where I am it'd be an Eastern :) Newly transformed Spring Peepers are even tinier - they can sit on your pinky nail! Gray treefrog babies are more thumbnail to thumb-size (based on my admittedly dinky hands).

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Cope's are the common ones around here--there's like two teeny spots up north that get the Easterns. Yay! Thank you!

Welcome! Here's what a spring peeper metamorph looks like. So tiny. This is a minute and a half video of nothing but OMG how tiny is this frog.

So wee! I spotted a handful of tiny gray frogs outside the hospital I worked at in June. I chased one with my phone camera for about ten shots as it hopped along the sidewalk. It nearly blended in with the concrete! No idea what it was.

Tree frog, how splendid! I wonder if I'd get some if we got a rain barrel.


I just read this article on tardigrades and I thought of you; I don't know if you've mentioned them before, but they are an awesome creature that at least one person has turned into a character.

Beeyooteefull! Definitely not a peeper, though. Wish we had the diversity of frogs up here that you have in your neck of the woods!

Spring peepers have a brown or darker cross on their back which gives them their name Pseudacris crucifer Terribly loud in the spring for such a tiny creature!

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