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Found lurking on an old tennis ball in the garden. He is probably a Cope's Gray Treefrog, but at that size, I don't trust my ID skills very far.

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That is either a super tiny frog or a super huge tennis ball.

I can't tell if his colouration is normal, or if he's in transition, do you know?

Heh! I like the idea of normal sized frog and super huge tennis ball... and the extra super huge dog that wore the tennis ball down to that state!

That's quite a lens you've got there!


I thought, "Oh yes, cute!" And then realized what the little dude was sitting on.

At first glance, I thought it was a strange squash. Then my tired eyes actually decipher frog...ball.


So tiny! Your macro lens is amazing!

That is a tiny frog in such detail!

That is the tiniest frog I have ever seen!


"I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find ..."

That looks like a baby gray treefrog face to me - wide-set eyes, little smiley face - and those are definitely treefrog toes. The new metamorphs are usually bright green, but these doobers can change color to a certain extent, and I've found baby eastern gray treefrogs in my area that were brown or gray. If it was Indiana, I'd say definitely gray treefrog, but you might have a bit more species variety where you are.

Such adorable toes! I really like the second photo. I mean, if you were to print it, mat and frame it, I'd throw money at you. More money.

It's the Little Frog Prince!

Did anyone else think of Katamari Damacy when they saw this?

Eee! Adorable! I like frogs and toads in general, but wee tiny ones especially.

That second shot is AMAZING.

I wonder why two of his fingers are "sticky" and two aren't. Is that some kind of random fungal growth, or are the frogs built that way for some froggy purpose?

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