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Devil's Grandmother

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It was very courteous of your old garden to provide you with the update! (And very generous of You to share it with your readers!) Frazzled Chicken is looking well also.

Now I wonder why it is called The Devil's Grandmother!
Off to Google!

I bet that if gardeners were surveyed most would have "that one plant" that is not supper pretty, not super useful, but is beloved anyway because of associations. Mennonite introvert plants.

Yup. Matricaria discoidea, aka "pineappleweed", would be mine. I thought the smell was the niftiest thing when I was small and my Papa showed it to me.

I never had a name for that plant before, and it's one I remember from my childhood. Thank you!

Huh. I had always heard it was non-native. A fair amount of research later it seems that it is thought to have been native to the Pacific Northwest of N. America and got introduced elsewhere. Interesting if true.

(Deleted comment)
We called that "sour grass" at my daycare, and boy, did we get in trouble for chewing on plants. Who'd have thunk the teachers would be so up in arms about four and five year olds chowing down on plants?

Lovely. And I love the name "Devil's Grandmother"--plants are so good for those nice, fantastic, storyish names. That's the kind of unfair thing about botany specifically and ecology in general--you never see that kind of thing in, say, brain parts. Except for the amygdala and hippocampus, I suppose, though that's not very creative. And the protein Sonic hedgehog but we kind of regret that one.

I recently learned about the funny current/funny channel when I was put on a new drug for my tachycardia.

The good names go to genes and enzymes.

That's kinda sweet.

(As an aside, I was at my local CostCo this evening and they had the first 2 Dragonbreath books and Hamster Princess! I made a few people look at me funny with a small dance of joy, because you are awesome and your books are awesome and more people will now know this.)

Not silly at all - just a little message from nature to a friend of native plants :)

This is the sweetest of the pages you've posted. :)

I could get a bit emotional over here! ;) I miss my Virginia Piedmont garden too.

How wonderful! I feel the same way about herb-Robert. It's in the garden of my childhood home, so whenever I encounter it elsewhere it makes me smile.

It's not silly. It's part of what makes you YOU and therefore is awesome.

Lilacs are my childhood sweethearts and I was very happy to buy a house with a standing lilac bush. It probably needs a good pruning, but I always smile when I look at it.

A lovely idea of a garden sending postcards. I suppose if the distance was not too great and the wind is in the right direction, it may even be true.

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