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A Reminder

If you want to buy Seventh Bride from somewhere other than Amazon, I am pulling them all tomorrow! (May take a few days to get pulled, but I wouldn't count on that.)

Seventh Bride will re-release next month in an Amazon-exclusive edition. There will be a print book available and an audio version. All details HERE.

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Yay, thanks for the reminder. And when it comes out again, I'll get another copy!

Thanks for the heads-up. I don't Amazon, so I snaffled it from Smashwords.

And those of us who already have a copy? Will they disappear from our kindles?

They damn well better not! I checked with the editor and she checked with the tech people and that is NOT supposed to happen. (That was a condition of me signing the contract!) So if it does, there will be mad complaining and flailing and screaming and I will fix it or die trying.

I want a dead tree version. But I prefer your artwork. *sigh*
We can't have everything we want.

Great story though!

Excellent reminder! Lemme just go and throw some more money your way.

I can be tempted by the paper edition later.

There's nothing like telling me a book is going out of print to motivate me to buy it!! Besides, I like how several of the T Kingfisher books have a unified cover design.

I started reading "Seventh" last night and I am having a wonderful time with it. (And today I am bouncing between that and the newly released "Ancillary" book, be still oh my heart, and why do I have to go to work today? :-) ) My discovery of your books is one of the good things to come out of The Recent Unpleasantness involving certain literary awards.

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