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New Hound!

So we've had New Hound in the house since Thursday, which makes this...um...day five? (Wow, five days already!)

She's doing really well. She's a three-year-old redtick (English) coonhound mix, probably about fifty-five pounds, very submissive, very pleasant, super laid-back for the breed. (She got ahold of a stray fake eyeball she shouldn't have, and I pried open her mouth, grumbling, and fished it out, which she bore with absolute patience. Of course humans will put their hands in your mouth. This is the fate of dogs.) She's much more relaxed than most coonhounds, which are a fairly high-energy breed, so I'm not sure what she's mixed with, but yay! We are old and lazy and cannot handle another athlete.

She's been great with the cats. Cat whacks her, she turns and walks away and that cat becomes Alarming Furniture To Be Avoided for a day or two. She wants to gallop around with the kittens, but does not play with her mouth (which frankly is the mission critical thing. They'll whack her if they're feeling trampled.) Smokey the cat, who is the goodwill ambassador to the world, will stand on the footstool and headbutt her in the muzzle. She bears this patiently, although she seem puzzled by it.

She loves to roam the garden and sniff ALL THE THINGS. For a hound, she is very well-behaved (i.e. she sits, doesn't chew anything, and is very well housebroken) which puts her ahead of the beagle. She doesn't come when called if there's a smell, but that's frankly just a thing you accept with hounds. The only reason Gir is ever off-leash in the front yard is because he's so old that he just wants to lie on the porch while I garden, and we can easily outrun him when he stops listening to us.

And we've left her alone for a few hours at a time and did not come back to find she'd eaten the couch, so I think it may actually work out.

I am a bit of a wreck, of course. I am a worrier by nature, valiantly as I try to hide it, and I am waiting for something to go horribly wrong, even though at this point, it probably won't. (Kevin is more sedate, but I am a wreck every time we bring a new animal into the house, just because I feel like I Am Responsible and I so anxiously want everyone to get along.) And even if nothing goes wrong, this is a fairly major upheaval in the household, so I am stressed about that.

And the weather is very gray, which doesn't help, and I can't garden because it's pouring rain (though New Hound would love to be out there with me!) And my innards have been somewhat squishy the last few days--KUEC doesn't help--so I am at a low ebb, and probably will be for another week or two until it's sunny and everything has settled back into a comfortable rhythm again.

Congratulations on getting your new doggie. May she have a long and happy life with you.

Hope you feel better soon.


*thinks good hound thoughts*

She's lovely.

I prescribe ginger tea and puppy cuddles, until the rain and/or the tummy clear up.

What a coincidence, I been drawing a LOT of red coonhounds lately.


Does New Hound have a name yet? Besides Coonhound-Bob, I mean.

She came with the name Lacey, so probably that'll stick. But I seem to have better luck when I go by general labels.

that is a very pretty girl! may she exist happily side by side with the kitties for a very long time to come.

and may you feel better soonest. unhappy guts and grey skies are a horrid combination!

the guinea piggies agree, they're happy with the filtered sunshine they're getting through the curtain. :)

New Hound looks like a total sweetie!

gorgeous puppy!

and I understand your anxiety. you have essentially become god to these adorable creatures and you, because you are an awesome god, want to do right by them and make sure they are happy and healthy, and that everyone else is happy and healthy and it all lies on your shoulders. and I think if it doesn't, then you think are not worthy of it

at least that is what goes through MY head

the cats will have that dog whipped into shape in no time..

Happy dance for new hound!

Headbutting is good in cat language, right? The situation sounds dangerously adorable.

If you are a morning person, leaving off DST could mean that morning sunshine is gonna be more feasible for the next few months. (If you are a sunshine-lover who is *not* a morning person, then sympathies.) I am not bothered so much by the grayness as by the wetness, myself, but even I noticed how dark it was by the time I was on my way home!

Yes, in cat language it is good. It both puts their pheromones on you to claim you, and is generally regarded as a sign of trust. :) It is sometimes referred to as "bunting", if you want to easily look up more information on the specific behavior.

Congrats on a new member of the family!

New Hound looks lovely! Glad to hear things are going well <3 Hope your tummy settles down soon, and boo to rain and worrying. I'm in much the same boat these days, being exhausted and worrying quite a bit about the variety of weirdness in my life. Here's hoping everything settles down soon.

also I apparently commented without being logged in so you got an anonymous from me :P

1. when i was in high school, we brought home a coonhound mix who'd been dumped because she was gunshy. first off, she was two then so she's at least 16 now, and although she's very slow and mostly deaf, she's otherwise basically healthy. so, yay! but secondly, she was the NICEST dog. to anyone and anything, except to dogs that were aggressive toward us. she's become a little bit of a grouchy old lady these days but i figure since she's the dog equivalent of four thousand years old she's allowed to be a little persnickety if she wants.

2. oh my goodness what does your fridge poetry currently say