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Wooden Feathers

I have a new story up at Uncanny Magazine!


Fair warning, it has some sad bits to go with the weird bits. It is about duck decoys, sort of.

If you like it, there's a lot of cool stuff at Uncanny Magazine, all worth reading.

(Deleted comment)
Neither can I but I can say it's a wonderful story with interesting characters and a great plot.



Yes, this. Wow.

Thank you, Ursula.

That was good! I'm glad I read it.

Oh. My. Word.
Ursula, you've gone and done it again.

You're hurt my heart... but in a good way.


I read your stuff, and then I feel about my writing what Sarah feels about her ducks..

(Deleted comment)
I really have no words at all. That is terrifyingly magnificent.

Thank you so very much for sharing it.

Damn. That's a magnificent story.


That was just…wow.

I did not quite expect the various plot points.

Thank you.

Oh wow, that was great. That goes on my list for next year's Hugos.