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Day 1!

Decided I couldn't take this any longer than necessary, worked like a dog this weekend and just knocked out the final hamster illo. It was pretty brutal, I admit, and not something I'd suggest doing for fun, but like the forced march to sanctuary, I got there in the end.

Have taken the first of the pills. Won't feel the effects for a few days yet, I imagine--two or three, at least, for the initial slightly-altered-state feel--but it's begun.

I'd pour the wine, but unfortunately the anti-nausea meds can't be taken with alcohol. So I'll pour the tea instead!

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Congrats on finishing! Here's hoping things go better/improve faster with the meds this time.

just knocked out the final hamster illo


As grueling as it probably was, I can see that being preferable to having it hanging over your head longer and prolonging your healing. Go take care of yourself now! *sends tea and reading material and fuzzy wombat slippers*

Go you on accomplishments! Enjoy your tea with vim and vigor (and a bit of a pat on the back if you can manage it).

Mako's Magnificent Mug:

One bag of Double Bergamont Earl Gray, one bag of strong vanilla, let steep until richly brown, add half and half and/or honey/sugar to taste. Sip until tea-vana or the mug is empty, which ever comes first :)

Good on ya for kicking the black dog to the curb before it bites too hard.


Yay for the tea!

I hope all is, if not smooth sailing, at least charted waters for the next week.

Tea and Comfort thoughts.

Once more into the breach, for king and... Well, for well-being and crumpets.

Congrats on finishing your obligations. I hope things get better for you soon.

Congratulations and enjoy your well-earned cuppa!

I was totally cheering you on as I watched your twitter updates last night. :P Good luck, and godspeed to the meds!

Yay for mental health!

Also, I am a terrible person, because when you wrote "Ten hamsters until sanity," I imagined you drawing a hamster for each day of this process, rather than making hamster count so you could start the business of taking the pills.

Feel better (and, I hope, recover enough to be able to enjoy Chessiecon after Thanksgiving!)

Grats on getting that work knocked out! I'm glad to see you taking care of yourself. Fingers crossed that you're as prepared as you can be and that the side effects are minimal.

Hope you're feeling better. I enjoy your writing

I don't know which SSRI you're taking, but if it's Luvox (fluvoxamine) be warned that reduces by 90% the rate your body metabolizes and clears caffeine.

She's back on Effexor XR, like moi.

May your meds work fast and your thoughts be occupied with flowers and dogs and love.
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