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Day 3

Well, I'm exhausted, trembly, and my mouth feels like the Sahara, so...normal, according to my notes! I was hoping to be a little more able to go out at this point, but am still flattened. Went to the grocery store this morning and wore myself out.

Still, this should pass in another couple days. And it's nice weather to sit in the garden with the tablet while New Hound roams around sniffing all the things.

We're coming up on the two week mark with New Hound, which is apparently about when dogs will start manifesting bad behavior, because they're comfortable now and the honeymoon is over. So far, New Hound's been pretty okay. Tried to chew on the windowsill, but stopped immediately at a sharp "Hey!" Hoping that was a passing fancy. (Not that I can't drag out the bitter apple as needed, but I'd rather not be in arms race with "Dog attempting to eat house.") Her favorite game is to ignore the tennis ball, pick up tomatillos that have dropped in the garden, flip them in the air and then try to catch them, lose them in the pine needles, and then scuffle around looking. I don't know what we'll do when tomatillo season ends.

She is lying on the floor near the bed while I type, looking lazy and mournful. Here's hoping this is how she stays!

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Went through this myself earlier in the year. That constant dry mouth thing is icky and blargh.

Glad you have New Hound to supervise you & the tomatillos during your self-hacking. May you feel better soon!

Lazy and mournful is a good default state for a hound.

Sounds like a pretty good game for self-entertainment . . . unless you wanted those tomatillos for something else.

My thyroid meds give me dry mouth and it is unpleasant.
Bitter Apple is the most awesome stuff ever. Nothing works quite like it.
New Hound sounds delightful. Fingers crossed she stays that way.

I bought peppermint candies by the pound while I was on Zoloft. The dry mouth is killer.

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