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Day 4!

The day's just begun, but my dry mouth is less than it was (still bad, but not apocalyptic.)

Weak and shaky, though. I actually feel better, but very weak. It's like when you're over the flu but going down the stairs still exhausts you.

It's weird having taken the week off. I never do that. I feel alternately guilty that I am not working on something, somehow, and wearily gleeful that I really get to just lie in bed today.

Also! Here is a link. It is the subscription drive for Apex Magazine. It will end Friday unless extended. The top goal--they're only 2500 or so away--is a NEW novelette by me, featuring Grandma Harken from Jackalope Wives. But there's lots of other cool stuff, too!

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Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Isn't it strange how we beat ourselves up for doing nothing? Snoozing all day is so great, though!

d Glad to hear you're feeling better. I can definitely relate to the whole feeling guilty about work thing, but we all deserve a rest once in a while. Wishing you a continued good recovery.

Time off is a good thing. How is New Hound for snuggles?

Yay for taking the week off! You do what you need to.

BTW, just read 3 and 4 of the Dragonbreath books, just 'cause. I'm wondering if you bring the heroic rat back later (and very much guessing you do).

Wondering, btw, have you checked out various visual novel writing tools? I'm wondering if they would better suit the story/game you were trying to write in StoryNexus and later Twine.

There, participated.
Hope you will feel better soon:!

I've subscribed!

Am glad your dry mouth is easing; that's one of the most annoying side effects. A couple of the meds I take cause dry mouth but it doesn't go away since they're maintenance 😒 However, I'll take the side effect for the benefits of the drug.

Sub renewed

Thanks for mentioning it - Apex do seriously good work and I've greatly enjoyed my last year's subscription.

Glad you are doing better. Hope you are back on top of the game soon.

Dry mouth is nasty. Drugs seem to be doing their job, though. Just giving yourself permission to BE out of action while dealing with this episode is so difficult. I hope you're slowly unwinding and moving towards feeling better.

Hope you're ok, Ursula. I worry when you don't post.

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