UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Day 4!

The day's just begun, but my dry mouth is less than it was (still bad, but not apocalyptic.)

Weak and shaky, though. I actually feel better, but very weak. It's like when you're over the flu but going down the stairs still exhausts you.

It's weird having taken the week off. I never do that. I feel alternately guilty that I am not working on something, somehow, and wearily gleeful that I really get to just lie in bed today.

Also! Here is a link. It is the subscription drive for Apex Magazine. It will end Friday unless extended. The top goal--they're only 2500 or so away--is a NEW novelette by me, featuring Grandma Harken from Jackalope Wives. But there's lots of other cool stuff, too!
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