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Thrush Bob

I'm not dead! Not much to report. Doing a lot better, overall, but the meds have left me really easily exhausted. That'll go away before long, I hope. Spent most of the week in bed, trying to start working again. New Hound is hired. And perhaps most excitingly, Thrush-Bob has finally returned! His fourth year in residence! Woo!

We were getting a little worried, but there he was, on the birdbath, looking fat and grumpy. "You're late," Kevin told him. He ignored this and glared at the mealworms.

So that's a good thing.

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THRUSH BOB! A joyous bit of news in an otherwise bleak day full of friends' dogs escaping while on walkies.

How is New Hound doing?

Glad to read you're doing better. May your recovery continue easily and with few setbacks.

So New Hound will now be a permanent member of your family. Will she be renamed?


Yay for New Hound gaining permanent residence!

Yay for Thrush Bob returning! (I still hear "Blood and mealworms for my lord Thrush Bob" in Kevin's grumbly voice whenever Thrush Bob is mentioned)

Yay for not dead and returning to baseline!

Always good to get repeat customers! Hello Bob!

Wishing you a steady recovery.

YAY new hound! YAY Thrush-Bob !

Yay for Thrush-Bob!
Yay for New Hound!
(Because you can never have too much yay)

(Deleted comment)
So glad Thrush Bob is back!

And hurrah for the New Hound!

Take care of yourself. The internet will still be here when you are feeling better.

Yay! For Thrush Bob!

I rejoice in your continued existence, & Thrush-Bob's grumpy mealwormage.

Hurray! I have not yet seen my own Thrush* Bobs, or Thrushes Bob, or whatever the correct plural would be. It just doesn't really feel like late fall without them. We do have our Townsend's Warbler (and a few more TWs should arrive soon), Bushtits, and all the Pine Siskins in the world - small, neat-looking little birds fueled entirely by rage and safflower seeds. Sunday morning we woke up to about half an inch of snow on the ground here in the PNW, while a hummingbird nectared at our fully blooming hardy** fuchsia. Get it together, November.

*Varied Thrush - beautiful black and orange birds.
**I'll say.

I know exactly what you mean. Crazy indian summer weather meant that here in NY my Rose of Sharon's bloomed until the first frost, my roses still have green leaves (drop dammit) and my forsythia bloomed again.

What kind of hardy fuchsia is it? I keep lusting after the ones in gardeners catalogues, as they only sell the annual varieties here.

Oh gosh, I don't know what kind of fuchsia it is. Some kind of hardy ground fuchsia. It was here when we bought the house. I just did some quick searching and it sounds like people do not have luck with these hardy ground fuchsias in NY or NJ *at all* - so it might just be our milder climate that keeps them going.

Here's how crazy our year was here in the PNW: My rhododendrons bloomed and were fading by Valentine's Day. I think the End Times are upon us.

We're getting warm wind coming straight up from Spain, instead of the cooler North Atlantic procession of weather fronts. So this evening, mid NOVEMBER, we're sitting in southern England with the back door wide open, enjoying the wild, wet, warm wind. And next door's magnolia grandiflora is already covered in tight little flower buds. That's not supposed to flower until March!

0.0 is the face I am making about your magnolia. This just can't end well.

Well, the flower buds often form at the beginning of winter, then stay like that until February/March when they swell and burst out into enormous blooms. It had a second flowering this August, again not that uncommon, apart from being a lot MORE flowers than usual at that time of year.
We'll see how this winter pans out. We're being promised a LOT of snow and frost.

Thrushes have a particular place in Old English lore as birds of wisdom. Remember the thrush in The Hobbit, that showed Bilbo Baggins the keyhole on the mountain? We don't get many around here - far too much noise and rush and PEOPLE and other birds - but they are cherished.

Oh, and yay for slow steady recovery! Patience and steady work...

Edited at 2015-11-17 12:29 pm (UTC)

Also, they eat snails, regarded as a public service in this garden. Not enough, but any is better none. The toads are also delinquent in their slug-eating duties.

Hurrah for Thrush Bob and Permanent Hound!

The Thrush-Bob has returned to Wombatstrano!

And yay for the New Hound!

Yay! Thrush-Bob is back! My friends and I were waiting to see if he'd return. Is it possible to get a new pic of him?

.... also (forgot to put in with the last comment) Congratulations on a successful adoption. May you have much joy from your new furbaby.

New Hound is hired.

Yeah, I'd gotten that impression...

Congrats to all the good news. May the exhaustion pass soon!

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