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Feeling Pretty Good Today

I got a lot done today, and am sort of ridiculously pleased about it. Still prepping for Chessiecon this coming weekend, but I'm about at the earliest point where the meds could start kicking in, and so I am going to blame my generally upbeat mood to a conversation of that and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Got some teeny originals done for the art show (not for sale online! I need them for the show! We'll talk if they come back!)

All the paperwork for New Hound (aka Lacey) was finalized this weekend, and she is officially Our Dog now. Which means that I can yell things like "Release the hounds!" when I let her and the beagle outside. That still hasn't gotten old. I have a very basic sense of humor.

Tomorrow is re-release day for Seventh Bride--Print versions! Audiobooks! We got it all! I'm excited to see how the grand experiment of self-pub-back-to-trade-pub goes.

The next books on the horizon are Dragonbreath 11 in January, and, if all goes well, my new self-pub book tentatively called "The Raven And The Reindeer" which is the Snow Queen retelling, which I'm hoping will land in February. Then another Hamster Princess in March. Then we're too far out for me to have any idea what happens next!

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Which means when strange people are on your property you can yell release the hounds and Gir and Lacey will go out and slobber on them?

I think most strange people who show up on Ursula's property are friends. ;)
(Who are not allowed to ring the doorbell/knock on the door, lest they set OFF a hound.)

When you have dogs, acquaintances knock, but friends just enter. :)

In the case of one friend, just entering didn't help. I'd open the door and come in. Both dogs would go off, and come tearing out from wherever they were to see who'd opened the door. They'd see me, and they'd change quite abruptly from "intruder alert!" barks to "ooh friend hi hi hi!" squeaks. I may have saved ten seconds of barking by just walking in, but I didn't manage to entirely prevent a lot of enthusiastic barking.

May things go well for you at Chessie!

*sits back to wait for upcoming books*

dhjkasdjal these things are going to Chessie!

I am going to Chessie!


I am also going to Chessie! Yay, new art possibilities for everyone!

One more day til Seventh Bride!
That means one more day until...I can try and make the library order a copy 'cause I'm too broke to get my own.
But then I can share it with others without the proprietary over-protectiveness and worry one gets when they loan their own books, and everyone should read more Kingfisher/Vernon.

Ah, "Release the hounds!" I don't have the room for dogs, so when calling my kids out to the car, I say "Send out the Horde!" (my son) and "Release the kraken!" (my daughter) Neither one was amused, but I laughed.

I think, if the tiny birds don't sell at Chessiecon (yeah, right), you'll have no problem whatsoever finding them a home... *keeps scrolling up to look at them*

Very glad to hear that you're feeling better!

Being able to yell "Release the hounds!" never gets old for me. Although with Mr. Mungo Dogfin (our houndish lad), it's more like "Release the kraken!"

[squeeing quietly about upcoming books]

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Saw an article about a photographer trying for a "perfect" shot of a kingfisher in dive that made me think of you: http://www.boredpanda.com/perfect-kingfisher-dive-photo-wildlife-photography-alan-mcfadyen/

Eeee! Audiobook version! This means I can have simultaneously enjoy Seventh Bride and knitting!

I'm so excited for the print version of Bride! I buy copies of all your stuff for my mom and sister, but they don't do ebooks, so they've been missing out on your older stuff since... Digger, I think. It's great to be able to hand them some Kingfisher at last. I hope this does well enough to warrant your backlist getting print editions, too!

The Beagle of the Baskervilles just doesn't have the same gravitas somehow

Yay, I can now tell my daughter that Dragonbreath 11 has a date to come out! Ever since we read the 10th one together, she's been asking me daily why you haven't gotten another one out yet. I've taken to telling her that you're still drawing the pictures, and Danny isn't cooperating with your vision.

Plus, she loves Hamster Princess, so we've been re-reading it pretty much weekly. You've definitely made my 5 year old very happy! (Although she'll be 6 by the time the books come out lol.)

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