UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Feeling Pretty Good Today

I got a lot done today, and am sort of ridiculously pleased about it. Still prepping for Chessiecon this coming weekend, but I'm about at the earliest point where the meds could start kicking in, and so I am going to blame my generally upbeat mood to a conversation of that and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Got some teeny originals done for the art show (not for sale online! I need them for the show! We'll talk if they come back!)

All the paperwork for New Hound (aka Lacey) was finalized this weekend, and she is officially Our Dog now. Which means that I can yell things like "Release the hounds!" when I let her and the beagle outside. That still hasn't gotten old. I have a very basic sense of humor.

Tomorrow is re-release day for Seventh Bride--Print versions! Audiobooks! We got it all! I'm excited to see how the grand experiment of self-pub-back-to-trade-pub goes.

The next books on the horizon are Dragonbreath 11 in January, and, if all goes well, my new self-pub book tentatively called "The Raven And The Reindeer" which is the Snow Queen retelling, which I'm hoping will land in February. Then another Hamster Princess in March. Then we're too far out for me to have any idea what happens next!
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