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General Journal 11-25

Not sure what my ultimate goal is with this, but I'm gonna give it a try. I was in a doodling mood today, fooling around with 53's Paper. All these were sketched on the iPad.

I wished I liked sketching more. I really don't. I like painting. My sketchbooks grow dusty with neglect. Every now and then I get this sudden spasm of desire to sketch, but it passes quickly. I used to sketch a lot more, but I'm badly out of the habit, so I can't swear that I'll keep drawing. But I do like doing these little pages.

Yes, it is true about Emily. She also requires subcutaneous fluids every other day, and has licked parts of herself that she can reach bald. The kitty-Prozac didn't work on her, just made her grumpy, and she was so much more cheerful and affectionate and active when she went off that we haven't put her back on. She has...well, a myriad of health issues. But she's lasted a year past the initial diagnosis at this point, and the vet's amazed at how good her numbers are for a cat with 15% kidney function, and she's happy, so that's the important thing.

But I tell you, when she finally goes, I am not going to feel that stab of guilt that so often afflicts pet owners where you think "Was there more I could have done?" I have powdered that cat's butt while Kevin whistles Stairway to Heaven for her. (She likes Zepplin.) We have fought the good fight on this one.

You can't say your life is boring!

I believe there are painting apps (review 1 | review 2) for iPads, which is not to say that it is at all the same as painting, but is to say that it might be fun experimenting.

As for your Emily, she sounds much like my Ms. T who lived a very solid 22.25 years, the last 5 or so included expensive medicines and later subcutaneous fluids. I loved her very much but am so glad that's over. I like to think that so is she.

And Quippet is much loved and beloved by more than just random spirits. He's a sheep among sheep, I tell you! I am mildly concerned with his shaman's mushroom intake but Quippet seems to have found his own path and avoided all that fuss. The tea, though...I have noticed he seems to randomly appear with cups of tea at the strangest of moments. Any chance you know why? On the other hand, is there ever a strange moment that doesn't deserve tea?

Thank you for sharing so many of your perceptions of everything from plants and birds to your inner thoughts. I am richer for the stories you have shared with me. You have found ways to both have me thinking deeply and giggling madly. (Sometimes at the same time). Best wishes.

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And I'm asking myself, "Self, why is the chicken in the corner shitting in a suitcase? Is this an opioid constipation commercial storyboard? A protest over Ursula going away again?" And then I realized it was dragging the suitcase, or trying to, and I wondered how you got chickens to work as your bellboys.

We had a cat (Fergal, rescued on the day his number was literally going to be up at the shelter) who suffered from kidney failure, and we did two rounds of subQ Ringers in him every day for several months each time. He quickly realized that the poke of the needle was a minor issue compared to how much better he felt afterwards. Butt powdering and Zeppelin is far beyond the ordinary. Not that we didn't know it already, but you and Kevin are good folks.

any animal who is fortunate enough to be able to live in your nut house...er, HOUSE, is a fortunate animal indeed. whether two footed or four footed, with fur or with a butt in need of powdering.

that's some LOVE right there. and the two whispering guinea piggies agree. :)

We all just want someone to powder our butt while whistling Led Zeppelin.

Because cats are so fascinating, I should share that kittyProzac is working on Whinycat, whose condition has been upgraded from "insufferable" to "whiny".

If my Floof cat Niccodemous Bannertail suffers any further deterioration in his kidneys, it'll be sub-Q fluids for him... which will be "fun" given that it's enough of fight getting the pills for his thyroid down him.

Still, at least I know when he's feeling better... I bleed more afterwards.

Not sure about powdering his butt though... but hell, if it needs it, he'll get it. [assuming I can find it under the floof. I'm only 50% sure of which way he's facing most of the time.]

My foof cat Mr Bear (aka Demon Child) has to take anti-seizure medication 2x a day. It is a liquid that I squirt down his throat while he makes terrible faces. I spoke to vet and asked about pills instead. Vet: "Er, pills? For a cat? Usually with cats the liquid is easier..." He is actually Very Good about it all but let's just say I've had reason to wonder how hazardous it is for this medicine to end up in my eyes (it stings! and it is also sticky as heck when it dries and therefore the cat must be scrubbed with a wet towel half the time afterwards lest he end up with dreadlocks).

What do the Cliffs of Insanity smell like? Always wondered.

You have fought the good fight.

None of my kitties lived beyond 7 years (seems to be the story of my life, those I love the most die after 7 years of happiness, WTF Fate? First the cats and then my husband?) I hope my Jazz-cat breaks this record, the kids already have.

Love the journal pages! I got my Heritage Seed Catalog this week! I'm making PLANS!

XD Once we had to milk the anal glands of our golden retriever. It was a traumatizing experience for all involved. Husband predicts it's needed on a 6-8 month cycle. T_T;;;

every six months or so for my 10 year old poodle. she lets me know by scooting across the grass when i take her out, then she looks all offended when i laugh at her.

(wee poodle. sitting on her butt with her back legs extended straight out in front of her, dragging herself along by the front legs...it's funny as hell, but her dignity is all bent out of shape by me laughing.)

Must have missed something. Why do you powder kitty's butt & with what do you powder it with?

Well, she can't clean it herself, and her mostly soft food diet--to keep her more hydrated--gives her rather loose stool, so...things get moist. Essentially, she gets diaper rash.

The vet shaves it semi-regularly and we apply a medicated powder to dry everything out so it doesn't get irritated.

I... I have a cat who has... cleaning issues. She's a sweet girl, healthy enough, jsut fat (she'll be dieting soon) and lazy and her butt tends to get... gross.

Please explain this butt powdering to me? She is deeply distressed when I plunk her in the sink every week or so for a bath.

+1 for "I thought that chicken was pooping in the suitcase"

I have a cat that went through extreme liver damage. When we found him and took him to the vet initially- his skin was the color of cheetos. Totally serious- he had turned orange from liver failure.

After months and MONTHS of surgery and recovery he came home.. except his meds and his organs trying to get back into shape left him with liquefied innards for a year. I don't know how much you know about cat butts- but they've glands.. and those glands have needs that are generally taken care of by normal poopsing. When it's not normal and it goes on for a long time, eventually they require help.

So Kittyloaf and I have a close bond. Probably closer than any either of us has ever had with any other living creature. You just don't milk butt-glands for a year and not come out of it a changed person (or cat). Like you, when that cat goes, I will be totally confident that I went the extra mile to make sure he was as cared for as possible.

Edited at 2015-11-26 05:57 am (UTC)

I have powdered that cat's butt

tell her about the Hairless Guinea Pigs, yes, they do exist!

I got far less sleep last night than I should have. Most of that was anxiety and there being more caffeine than expected in the coffee cookies, but at least part of it was being unable to stop reading The Seventh Bride. I did finish all of it in a couple hours, and am looking for people to push it on.