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General Journal 11-26

My life is exceedingly banal much of the time, but I enjoy it.

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I'm with the chicken, staring in horror at the microwaved coffee... ;)

See, this makes sense to me, but then I make tea in the microwave anyway.

Tea seems to hold up to microwaving better. Coffee becomes an eldritch abomination.

Tea without milk microwaves okay. Once you add milk it tastes like something that is almost but not quite like tea.

Banal is good. Banal is excellent.

Have a glorious ham.

Yes for ham! Yummy ham!

I always wonder how it got there when I wake up with a song in my head.

The Sandman had his walkman on maybe? [he's kind of old school.]

I could live with that!

Happy Tranqsgiving to you and yours, you microwave abuser you! :D

Oooooooooooh can we get pictures and/or video of New Hound and the Corgis?

Just had to share my Thanksgiving icon ;)

Have a glorious Thanksgiving and please let us know how the New Hound did with the corgis.


The coffee drinker informs me that if you make your coffee via cold brew, it can be heated/reheated without the usual bad effects. (I don't drink the stuff, only make it, so I am not an authoritative source.)

PLEASE let there be dog video!

I'm really enjoying these journal pages. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I won't be able to make it to Chessie-con myself, but I have several friends who are going. Will you have copies of Digger for sale? I would love to ask Kathy to bring one home for me -- and I would also love to send you some plants via her -- either indoor (Neomarica gracilis, AKA Apostle's Iris or Walking Iris) or perhaps a variegated bearded iris for you to plant out next spring. Will this work?


I won't have copies of Digger, alas, but I'd love a bearded iris! I will just have to find a place to put it...

I am sending a gardener's care package for you: a potted sprouting nut of Bottlebrush Buckeye (Aeschulus Parvifolia) -- this is a St Bernard puppy, it will be an 8' tall by five-foot shrub; it sends down a taproot as its first effort so plant it where you want it to live) , about a dozen Scilla sibirica bulbs (tiny sapphire-blue trumpets that bloom early spring; plant them in your lawn and they will fade in time for mowing, and the squirrels won't bother them), two rooted Neomarica Gracilis (walking iris, keep these indoors), and a variegated bearded iris rhizome. Enjoy!

did you go to art skoo?


I love your to-do list holder.

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