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Thanksgiving Redux

I was so proud of these corgi doodles I had to share.

New Hound really was very well behaved, very submissive, and then finally was like "Look, I'm five times your size," and simply put a paw on her. Her owner said she deserved it. After that, everything was fine. Dogs seem to work these things out.

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Thumbs up!
Dogs and family for T-day!

Thanks for telling us how it went. Relieved to read it all went well. Here's to the New Dog living a long and happy life with you.


Henry Potato sounds like the name of a character in an R.A. Lafferty story.

you have a lot of artfulness.


I have known some corgis in my time and both these depictions made me laugh and laugh. And well done, New Hound!


Our old labrador did something to a very enthusiastic boxer 'puppy' once.

I think it must be instinctual, because I've seen large dogs swat down smaller dogs on several occasions.

The boxer puppy wasn't actually smaller. Adolescent more the thing, but a lot of it is attitude by the older dog.

Well done, New Hound Lacey! (Those are some awesome doodles, too.)

That is perfectly acceptable dog language for "knock it off ya doofus".

Killer doodles! And now, that's a phrsse I need to trademark!

New Hound has very good manners, she has chosen her humans well.

Laughing, because my Wolfhound did something similar to our puppy last year. Only he bounced back and tried to bite her ears. Again. (He!s a little...slow.)

Glad it went well!

The forbearance of dogs is occasionally amazing. Go New Hound!

Thank you for the corgi doodles. Made me laugh. :)

Heeheehee. New Hound's face and that skwyshed corgi!

That is one well behaved hound!

I love the drawings of the corgis and Lacey's act of peacekeeping.

I love your drawings! I had a big old tom cat named Ninja who when the new kitten would start jumping him simply put his paw on her forehead and held her down for a while. It was funny and patient. Glad New Hound is like that too.

A Socialist? Really? Awwwww....

Journal Chicken is not as horrified as I thought it would be...

I love the corgi doodles. Very very corgi.

My nephew brought his dog (a collie-esque mongrel adopted from a shelter) along to the farm/family gathering. Ronin, in addition to being very smart is very expressive. Ronin, who thought he could slip some turkey off the counter, got called on it, slunk out of the kitchen with a bowed head and drooping tail. He was very well behaved after that. So when we were cleaning up the kitchen, I took pity on the poor dog and broke my rule of not feeding animals from the table (or counter in this case) since it was a special day. I had to call him twice to get him to come to me. Even then, he didn't take it right away, just looked at it, then me, all hopeful with a "is that for me? Really?" look on his face. I think he would have eaten all the left overs if I had kept handing them to hime, but I didn't want to make him sick.

When I confessed my transgression (my nephew doesn't feed from the table either), he told me he hadn't fed Ronin at all Thanksgiving figuring others would be slipping him treats all day long. Considering how much Ronin didn't beg... I'm sure he snacked all day long.

I keep coming back to re-read this post on my feed because Henry Potato makes me smile so much

Belated thought:

Looks like New Hound had to smack a bitch. (I presume Gigi is female...)

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