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(Deleted comment)
"Where traditions evolve" ...

... but they don't appear to have any link to a page for the con that just happened.

Pet peeve of mine with con websites. Don't memory-hole your history, guys.

It used to be a Darkover con, before... well, before.

ChessieCon gets a huge upvote from me because I attended a con after spending 4 days with my (admittedly great) in-laws and did not turn into a quivering ball of introverted woe. (Although, seriously, you and Seanan McGuire AND Tamora Pierce? My inner fan hasn't stopped going squee yet.)

Ten Year Old is super-delighted by the ARC and has installed it in a place of honor because "YAY!" Frog and Wildlife Panel was fabulous, and I came home with much loot from the dealers and art rooms. Of course I also remembered that I haven't sung Handel in, oh, 15+ years, and wow did it show. Can't win them all.

The cats have attached themselves in a glue-like fashion to my ankles. Home is good.

Ohhh, Handel. I was picturing a grand chorus of the Leonard Cohen song, which struck me as 'a but weird, but why not.'

^ This. (My question was going to be how the singers negotiated which verse was going to come next.)

Glad you had a good con and the rhizomes, bulbs, and pets are well. Just read Wooden Feathers at Uncanny Magazine and loved it.

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(Deleted comment)

Hell is other people's pillows.

I don't know if your issues with hotel pillows are the same as mine, but if they are (excessively thick and puffy), I have found that taking the pillow out of the case and replacing it with a folded towel works wonders.

Not UrsulaV, but my problem with hotel pillows is always that they look puffy, but then deflate to about folded-towel thickness when your skull touches them, leaving my head with no support. (I sleep on my sides.)

This. This, verbatim.

Some hotels put a bolster pillow at the foot of the bed for decoration. I've had better luck using those than anything I was actually expected to sleep on. Failing that, my best bet is a stack of two or three of the squishy ones, flipped about five times during the night to get the unsquished part where I need it.

I cannot tell you how desperately I need to sing the Hallelujah Chorus in an antrium, at any time of day. It sounds awesome!

(My eldest spawn sent you fan mail via lj message. Just so you know. She's six and thinks you must be the "best author and illustrator in the entire world, all of it".)

Glad you had a great time at Chessiecon. I'm sorry I wasn't able to go (damnable illness!). I still have a Remember Tunnel 17 foam pick waiting to be signed. But I do hope this means you'll drop back into area once again. ^_^

Paying to have TSA all the time is definitely worth it, if you fly fair often.

I'm so glad you guys finally came to somewhere I could reach! I adored the discussion panel and the art slideshow, and I was lucky enough to come away with one of your show pieces.

Thank you for being kind to a fan who was so shy she almost ducked out of the autograph line. I'm still not sure I said anything truly coherent. :P

Oh, you shoulda seen Ursula the year she met Mercedes Lackey at AC. She understands fan-flailing VERY well. ;)

I love how nonchalant you are about having dinner with Tamora Pierce. I would be fuh-reak-ing out!

nothing wrong with Monkeytaurs until they stampede and try and climb the trees in your yard...

I just read your short story "Jackalope Wives" for the first time, and I loved it! It was magical and tricksterish (if you know what I mean), and I totally get why it won the Nebula.

Sounds like you had a good time which must balance having to go on the book tour. The price of fame versus the good part of being famous!

That breakfast looks daunting and I'm wondering if it is named such because, once tried you always come back for it, or because you have a tendency to "repeat" after eating it.

Love the seriously pissed off monkeytaur and the beagle sketch is delightful too.

I now, very much, need a story about pooh-flinging monkey-taurs. The opportunities seem pretty broad here. I kinda need wizard of oz glinda's secret enforcers with greek saving of the discarded baby on the hill plus space opera. On your mark ..... :)

I think having a story where Sings To Trees has to deal with monkeytaurs would be awesome.

Sings to Trees giving a monkeytaur an enema due to severe constipation.


I now, very much, need a story about pooh-flinging monkey-taurs.

Of course, if there are Pooh-flinging monkey-taurs, Eeyore and Tigger might have to work together to save the day.

I agree with you- the Comeback Burger not only sounds scary, it looks actually malevolent in the picture.

It was obviously a simiantaur, of the equine genus, class mammilia.

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