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Not Much To Say Today

There doesn't seem to be much to say today. Except maybe that I'm still here, and still trying to hold my bit of the line.

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Some days that is all any of us can do.

Some days, we hold .. and some days we make them fight for every bloody inch they take...

and then there are days when we think, "Meh, f**k it, fall back. If they want it that much they can have it. It'll all come around again anyway."

Today was one of those days.

*locks my shield to yours*

Me too.

Thank you for the fish. Every little bit helps.

da' fish

Liking the fish a lot. And yeah, it's hard to be enthusiastic when it's cold, dreary and dank.

Good Wishes to you.
Things do get better.

This is wonderful. Thanks!

Fish are good. Mornings are the devil. *sends hugs and tea*

May today be better, for all of us.

Sending supportive thoughts your way.

Thank you for the fish. I woke up yesterday evening to the news in San Bernadino. The fish helps.

I hear ya. Sometimes you just get through the day.

Thanks for all the fish! :)

*steps to the line with the grim determination of a woman who will plant defiant flowers this year*

I'll hold this bit. Thank you for the fish.

May I quote "Morning is a tool of the oppressor"? And if so, how would you like to be identified?

Sure! Ursula Vernon's fine.

Cool. I'm going to quote it, too. If I could get away with it at my work, I would make it my Outlook icon.

With the fish in the picture so to speak my mind went to a very different place with the expression "hold the line" and thought no wonder he looks glum. Lines are bad news if you are a fish.

The fish reminds me of my oscar fish, Bubba. Bubba strongly believes that no matter what time of the day or night it may be, there is always supposed to be food floating on the surface of the water in his tank. He'll bonk his nose against the lid to remind me of this. I suppose that Bubba's attitude is a good one: Always be looking up because you never know when something good'll appear, even when the evil Giant Hand or scary Gravel Vacuum are making a mess of your little world.

I love the phrase "trying to hold my bit of the line" - that's something I forget a lot. I don't have to whole the whole line, just my bit.

Same here. Dismal day in what feels like an awfully dismal world this week, and I'm trying to slog through that to get some academic writing done. I've hunkered down with tea, techno, and tiny scones.

Some days, it genuinely helps to know it's not just me feeling this way, and it really is just a rotten week.

morning is a tool of the oppressor, oh yessss, yesss it is! Which is why I avoid mornings at all costs.

Hold the line

"I don't have to hold the whole line, just my bit" - THAT is important, right there. No one person is responsible for the whole thing, just each for our bit.

Ms. Ursula- please remember you also have a tiny moose. (Gronk!)
And it could be worse; another author I follow, Patricia Briggs tried to put a blanket onto a yearling horse and it broke her jaw in several places, then launched off her body to run from scary blanket, gashing her face and neck.
You didn't get mauled by your animals or plants, so it's a good day, right?

~~Patti L., aka @FormerlyHurogGirl on twitter.

Thank you for this.

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