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Journal 12-4

Yes, the feed store in town has a Ladies Night. Yes, a man once came into the coffee shop to expound about how he tried to make a snapping turtle (deceased) into a hat, but the ants got it and he was sad.

Also I frequently encounter chickens on the sidewalk there. I live in an awesome town.

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Disco chicken!
Glad to hear you are doing better!

Wait.. the place you write in is called Cafe Diem... there's various levels of wackiness and chickens. Has a big hi-tech R&D firm just outside with the initials G.D?

Your town isn't called Eureka by any chance?

(Deleted comment)
I couldn't figure it o0ut either.

I for one vote for the feed store's Ladies Night to feature in a journal - that sounds fabulous.

I second this! Even if it's only Ursula reporting on how the local ladies respond to her. Just think, the Journal Chicken surrounded by ordinary hens doodle.

Wow. It is quite an awesome town, indeed.

And yay for the meds working! It is a great goodness when they do that, as I know from experience.

Edit to add: Also, the illustrations of the Cafe Diem staff on their webpage are totally great.

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Does ladies' night at the feed store just mean that ladies get a discount on feed that night? Or do they have some sort of lady-targeted festivities as well?

I just wanted to say that I love your journal pages.

Both Monster Alice and I sing little songs like that- to each other, to the dogs and the cats, to ourselves...

encounter chickens on the sidewalk there.

are they waiting properly to use the crosswalks?

Man, my local feed store never has a ladies night.

(Deleted comment)
Sure! It's Hydroxyzine pamoate.

OT: Perfect Kingfisher Photo after 720,000 tries

I saw this blog entry elsewhere and figured you and your nom de plume would appreciate it.


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