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Lazy Day

I'm in hamster revision mode at the moment--had to change a character's eyeshadow through 140 illos!--but took time yesterday to lay out these weird little pages on a POD photo book site. I basically just want a copy for myself, but I'll make them available for sale (even though they'll be wildly overpriced, given POD price scaling) in case anybody wants basically the Ursula Yearbook 2015. It won't be until January, though, since I will hopefully be doing this through the end of the year.

Next week, done with hamsters, can actually get some other stuff FINALLY done.

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I identify with that cat!
Love your sketches.

Did a small box arrive? Not sure if I put enough postage on it.

It did! I love the little bird!

A small thank you for the Reaper pepper all the wonderful art you give us.

My garden is mostly really dead-looking perennial stalks, and needs to be cleaned up, too. However, there's a parade of fronts coming in off the Pacific for this entire week, so I'm off the hook until further notice. For which I am grateful, because when it's not wet out there, it's cold, and both are yucky for working in the garden, while only one of them is a decent excuse.

I havent done anything in my Garden in months, so you arent alone there.

No garden for me this year - I'm living 1700 miles away from my house. Next year for sure!

As the POD of your yearbook will be "wildly overpriced", would you consider also offering for sale a pdf version?

Edited at 2015-12-06 03:07 am (UTC)

I'll check the system, but if it's an option, absolutely!

I read the second paragraph as starting "I feel guilty that I haven't cleaned up the garden yet. Dead animals all over." I blinked rapidly and re-read. I'm tired.

Also, "hamster revision mode" sounds like some kind of weird compiler message. This may be because the system at my work sometimes comes out with messages about "hibernating rhinos" and the database being roundhouse kicked.

Edited at 2015-12-06 05:15 am (UTC)

I'm glad that wasn't just me misreading it like that! Winter is harsh sometimes.

I also read that as "Dead animals all over."

Even your cat-scetches have something ursula-ish about them. I don't know, why I find this more astounding with cats then with anything else. Plus, it looks like it's smiling :-)

The turtle makes me absurdly happy.

(Deleted comment)
I leave everything in the main flower beds, but the vegetable beds I cut down so I can lay some compost and some cardboard over them and let 'em cook down over the winter.

*eees at the idea of changing eyeshadow color on a character after 140 illos* What necessitated the change?

I had done it differently on three early illos, and they liked those better. *headdesk*

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