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True Story

The date in the corner is from the Jacobin Calendar, a beautiful, dreadfully inefficient calendar dreamed up after the French Revolution where everything is named after plants, animals and tools. You can get your own on Etsy!

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Saw this and thought about you: http://www.boredpanda.com/perfect-kingfisher-dive-photo-wildlife-photography-alan-mcfadyen/
Our Carolina wrens also don't mind the cold bird baths in winter, but the doves do!

Possibly the right shoe fits in the Hound's mouth more comfortably?

Ps. I'm happy to hear you're planning on a POD version of these pages. Thanks!

It's a good thing that you're not harboring Experiment 626 Stitch otherwise you'd been in REAL trouble.
Stitch is programmed to steal everyone's LEFT shoe. :D

I was totally thinking that!

that must have been a Swedish Wren doing the ice plunge...grin.

I dont have vultures in my trees, but there were some Crows hanging out...

Tis the season for vultures!

This made me laugh so hard that I felt bad, feeling I was underestimating the inconvenience to you and Kevin. But then I got to the part where you were laughing too hard to find your shoes. That is how it goes.


I just got my copy of that calendar! It is vast and strange and delightful, and it makes every date much more interesting.

Much harder to put in context with other dates or remember. But more interesting!

When I was in high school, my senior year French Class was a full semester on the French Revolution. We read a lot of primary sources (in French), and while my French is still wretched, I came away with a remarkably amount of understanding of that particular time period. Which is all to say that, at one point in my life, I could recite all of the Jacobian Calendar Months in French. That time is long since passed, but it was a great party trick while it lasted.

Our birdbath was frozen all last week, but it warmed up over the weekend. The flufftastic sparrows, presumably having avoided bathing for as long as possible, are back, and when they jump in I can practically hear them screaming "ohmygodcoldcoldohmygodaaaaaaaarghcold!" as they splash. Kind of like I do in camp showers.

Presumably New Hound realized that it would be much funnier to watch both of you hop back to the house.

If she'd taken both shoes of one person, then the other person could simply have gone and fetched them. Not nearly so much fun.

And taking both shoes of both people would clearly have been going too far.

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