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A Small Death

It seems odd somehow to record a day that was basically cheerful and silly alongside a very small death, but that was the sort of day it was. Still, I'm glad it started somber and ended cheerful than the other way around.

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The shrews of the world will not do something so overt as pause in respect for your service, but there are a number of faint squeaks of acknowledgment amidst the eternal worm-hunt.

Somber--->Cheerful is indeed better than the reverse!

I love the idea of a Southern Snail Hound, too -- one of my nicknames for my own dog is "Tramplehound," actually! Because her 'hunting' method when in pursuit of a tennis ball is completely unique: she runs over it to slow it down, then circles back to pick it up. If she weren't spayed, I, too, could found a new breed. :)

Whoops, thought I was logged in! Forgot this was LJ and not DW. :D

her 'hunting' method when in pursuit of a tennis ball is completely unique: she runs over it to slow it down, then circles back to pick it up.

Nope, Spaniel888 does that too! She developed the technique for the soccer-ball-with-attached-rope thingies, where the ball itself is too big for a doggy mouth, and the rope is likely to be in the wrong place to grab, but now she does it with tennis balls too.

She is sound asleep right now, but in the morning I will whisper to her that, although she was raised among English Springers and always thought she was one of them, in truth she is a Tramplehound, and perhaps one day her true pack will come to rescue her, and sweep her away to a wonderful land where dinner is never five minutes late...

It sounds like a smooth and interesting day.
Nothing wrong with that!

Yea chickens!

you have a Snailhound, i have a Miss Pickytoes.

that's what you get when you get a small black poodle groomed and get her nails painted silver...she DOES prance more when her toes are painted. :D

poor shrew, but death comes to us all, and at least the shrew was taken good care of and that's a blessing. on you for caring, not on the shrew, of course.

I saw this and thought of you -- be sure to click the link to his biography: https://www.facebook.com/AbandonedHomesNC/posts/1678409735760253

The shrew does look pathetic. I'm glad it got a burial and will nourish the paw-paw tree.

I refrained from asking this on Twitter, but I feel I must -- does the snail-eating hound eject the shells or crunch them up?


If she hasn't any name other than New Hound, her snail-eating lends a suggestion: Toriel, from the currently-popular game "Undertale."

Rather than risk a link-rejection here, you can google her.

I will see your 3 crows and raise you two rather damp and bedraggled looking red tail hawks sitting on street lights waiting for the sun to come out on my morning drive to work.


Our cats have occasionally killed a shrew amongst their other kills. I was amused to find that their saliva is toxic.

Venomous mammals offend my sense of the proper order of the universe 0_o

Edited at 2015-12-08 06:46 pm (UTC)

In the Bay Area, we have invasive snails so your hound would be welcome to ours. Dare I hope it's the same for your place?

My dog, a Labrador/Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix, is also a voracious eater of snails, to the point that she will move potted plants to get at them. Unfortunately, she is also spayed, or I would offer her to the Snailhound breeding project, because she has eradicated the snails in the backyard. No interest in slugs, however. I suspect they are not sufficiently crunchy.

Edited at 2015-12-09 07:06 am (UTC)

Poor shrews always live on the edge.

People: do not let the mere fact of spaying discourage you from developing the American Snailhound - there are advances made in cloning every day! Should you produce such a breed, I would brave the wrath of the cats and buy the first one off the assembly line (or whatever dogs come out of) (especially if they ate slugs as well).

Seriously, you have no idea how many Southern California gardeners would beat paths to your door to obtain such magnificent beasts (did you know some escargot-loving idiot actually introduced the dratted things to the wild here???? which is why I am never going to get a basil plant to live long enough to provide me with pesto.)

As I understand it, shrews tend to live sort of fast and furious....there are consequences to that. We will hope it had a good time while it was here, and at least its passing was noted.

"If she had not been spayed. The world's loss, I guess"
Well, there's always cloning!

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