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I initially read this as "took out the dead animals in the vegetable bed" paused. Reread, and nodded. Not that I think dead animals are terribly unlikely (esp after the post the other day) but I expected a bit more fanfare if that's what was going on.

I read it the same way, and in fact didn't realize that I had misread it until I saw your comment. I read it, paused, thought "that's odd," remembered whose journal post I was reading, and kept going.

This was EXACTLY my response as well. Although once I got to the end of the paragraph I said "Wait..." and reread and caught "annuals."

To the left, I had that response *twice*: once here, once on Twitter.

As often as people keep misreading "annual" for "animals", one would think Ursula has evil designs on all fauna that does not include birds and insects.

I am well inclined towards most amphibians as well.

Glad I wasn't the only one to think that... seriously though, with Ursulav, anything's possible.

I read it that way too!

This is the second time I've seen "dead annuals" in one of her posts and read it as "dead animals". This time, I only noticed because of these comments. I guess her post about the dead shrew fed into it somehow...

It's a holiday in Italy, that's propably why it was marked on the calendar?

Poor Gir! *pats beagle on head* Hope he feels better soon . . . or as much better
as he can, "for Gir."


The chicken doodle is one of my favorite things about your sketches. It's always offering wry commentary :D

I'm a little concerned about your vegetables.... careful out there! that one has teeth!

I think it's the Regrettable Derpface Pear of Fiorenza...

we have had a couple days of high winds, so anything outside has been rearranged, dead plants included.

I play "Find the Random Chicken" with every post of these wonderful journal pages. it's fun!

Is that Overbiting Pear?
Are there fruit dentists?

OK, Fred just went on a very weird tangent and we will not go there.

I think it's the Regrettable Derpface Pear of Fiorenza...

And I read the first as "Inarticulate Conception".

Did He have an unusual gestation??

I had the same reaction, then remembered that the Immaculate Conception is actually Mary. (You can Wikipedia it . . . but I don't promise that it will make more sense afterwards.)

I read (if I recollect correctly) when the English began to talk about Immaculate Conception, the French clergy said the foggy English atmosphere must have affected their brains...

I enjoy the cameo by the Toothsome Pear. =)

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