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Metal Bird

Because someone always asks, yes, a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker is a real bird, and a species of woodpecker.

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we have two sizes of woodpeckers here, and they are funny birds when they try to peck at the neighbors dish antenna. snicker.

Yeah, family can be amazing, sometimes amazingly stupid. I have found you have to let them fail utterly before helping, otherwise, you will always be helping and nothing gets changed.

Eh, the people involved are all smart, just frustrated. I have faith.

I was curious for years about why woodpeckers would sometimes keep going after something metal (like your neighbor's dish or the steel cable guard up the side of my folks' power pole.) Turns out they're basically trying to make themselves heard to potential mates when they do that.

(And I'm remembering a certain bit of dialog in REAL GENIUS for some reason here...)

Toucan Bob is gorgeous... though much smaller than I expected based on the post title. Well, based on the title and a certain metal rooster in the back yard...

It has to do with you being a generous person who writes about birds and gardens and such cool things.

I live next to a Sapsucker Sanctuary (say that 10 times fast)

We have yellow bellied sapsuckers.

They're almost as stylish as double breasted seersuckers.

Has the tea situation been corrected or do we need to send you some?

Good luck to the Extended Family, and may any Drama pass soon.

Honestly, if you said "I saw a Golden Chatham Snitch at the feeder today".... I wouldn't bat an eye and just check for low flying beaters.

...but how can one eaten box of Earl Grey reduce you to No Tea? *is worried* I can send you tea...

Wondering if New Hound will start to sound like Jean-Luc Picard . . . ;-)


I like to say "Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker" in a Mel Blanc voice...

Did it improve New Hound's breath?

I like Toucan Bob, though it does remind me of a certain cartoon crow.

In my (admittedly limited) experience with coonhounds, their breath is the LEAST of the stink.

Frizz? You call that Frizz? I laugh at your frizz!

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