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Warm Weekend

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Thank you for these. I'm glad Garden Hen got her wine.

It looks like a white wine, which is appropriate with chicken.

Enh, 73 in December in NC isn't actually all THAT unusual. (It hit 80 one time in '98!)

Every Good Sith has an apprentice, were you recruiting?

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now I have a picture in my head of the waiting room during Interviews... chickens are involved.

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providing the bukbukbuk of background musix...

...and now I am songvirused with Ray Stevens' especially peculiar version of In The Mood.

Always two, there are. A Master and an Apprentice. One to wield the power, the other to crave it.

one can understand with the selection process.. I doubt anyone survives.

Cheers to you!
It's still way too hot down here. Nothing like seeing folk mow their lawns on New Years day.

It's been in the 50s in upstate NY. W. T. F. I'm about ready to BEG for snow.

It has been a very weird winter so far.
Some Carols are way off base when they go on about "bleak midwinter" at the moment.

It really hit me how silly it is that Christmas carols are still all about snow and cold while listening to Gloria Estefan's performance of White Christmas. Here's a woman who famously grew up in Miami, and she's still singing about pining for the snowy winters of her youth.

On the other hand, 40° and bucketing rain all week in Oregon. Seems normal to me. (Though being awakened at midnight by thunder and lightning does feel a little... off.)

Edited at 2015-12-14 04:13 am (UTC)

Well, not exactly normal, since here in western Washington we've had three times our normal rainfall for the last two weeks, but at least it's down in the 40s in the lowlands so that what's falling in the mountains is snow. Hello, next summer's water supply!

Oh yeah! And the ski resorts, who were open all of two weekends last winter, aren't complaining either...

Napping with the windows open, aw yisss

Psychonauts fixes a lot of things. Especially the Godzilla level.

Force choke activate icon for your mood icons!

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