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Journal 12 - 15

If you are not listening to the Ditch Diggers podcast, it is totally one of the best writing podcasts around right now. (ADULTS ONLY.)

And now I need to go on a detox and eat like...I dunno, kale slurpees or something.

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Flamingos are always random!
Is that the Blue Bird of improbable podcast signals?

Blue Bird of Improbable Podcasts

Someone needs to make the Blue Bird of Improbable Podcasts into an icon!

Ursula - May I say that no matter how crap my day has been, you never EVER fail to make me smile when I come home and read these posts. Bless your little socks off.

Wait, were you reading a copy of your own book, and then suddenly had to put it down to ply the dog with toys, and then forgot? I feel like there's a story here that I'm not getting.

Somewhat random and unrelated, but I don't twitter so this seemed the best spot... Saw http://shirt.woot.com/offers/the-jackanope and it made me giggle and think of the sorts of characters that crop up in your works. :-P

PS - They clearly didn't do their research, it should be going "gronk"...
PPS - I have a jackalope in a random collectibles game on my phone. It is named Gronk. My boyfriend gave me a thumbs up when I showed him.

Your sketch journals are just The Best Thing right now.
I hope we'll be hearing aboot the Canadian Expedition to Waffle House on KUEC!

Well, it looks like New Hound has good taste in books. (I tried reeeeaaaally hard not to post this, but couldn't resist.)

(Deleted comment)
I checked with my editor over at Amazon, and apparently they're changing distributors in Canada so things are in limbo. I'm so sorry it's taking so long!

Yay for huggable hounds!

I'm loving these illustrated journals. They're a lot of fun!

Keep that chewed-up copy of 7th Bride: You can sell it (maybe for charity) as a "personalized" edition! I'd throw money at that! I almost collect half-chewed dog training books (some purchased in that condition, some modified by my own dogs).

Chicken's umbrella appears to be experiencing an opposite wind than yours is.

I hate it when it rains sideways, though Chicken seems to be having a worse problem with it than you.

You are a very forgiving pet owner.

As a Canadian, I'm quite curious about what kind of experience you had at Waffle House.

Actually, I'm quite curious about Waffle House too.

The world needs more happy, for sure, and less tormented. But I think maybe, we need to demand that having our shit together is less important than we think it is. Or at least, having shit together should have a lower bar than it currently does. And that will, by default, make a lot of people happier.

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