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Clam Sorrow Hangover

Just one of those days when you feel about a half-step back from yourself.

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Why does Christmas Chicken not trust the mason jar?

May the clams settle down and start making sense. After all, Clams got legs!

Chicken is wondering where the "mason" name came from.

I have those days. Weeks, sometimes, because one is going so fast that one doesn't notice that one isn't actually connected to what one is doing - and worse doesn't notice for a while - so when noticing happens, it is a bit of a boggle - except that one is so disassociated that all one can manage is a mild eyebrow thing - sort of like Garden Hen.

I have my copy of Dry Season! It is shiny and pretty and you are an adorable wombat!

I also love that you're continuing these journal pages because of that trip. Consider, eventually, when you have the time, of making a dead tree version. At least 100 people will buy it, I can guarantee 2 myself.

I'm right the with you. The massive and DELIBERATE destruction of the unique and irreplaceable coral reefs for $1000 clams... too much.

And yay for mundane, repetitive chores like buying cat litter and dog food. And yay for to-do lists that say things like "buy cat litter" so we can cross it off of the list without feeling like a competent human being.

this week goes into my Bad Week. the 18th will be 11 years since the Otherlove james died, the 25th will be 9 years since my beloved fallcon died.

it's rough. the solstice is a bright spot, my 7th anniversary with TheEngineer.

i have a lot of "going through the motions" days, wondering how i look like a responsible adult. :/

here's hoping to better days.

I feel your pain. I woke up pumped about getting my massage this morning and picking up my son at the airport tonight. Sadly, that all happens tomorrow. My whole week has been that way. Today was our staff Christmas lunch and apparently there was to be a secret Santa gift exchange. Somehow, I got the memo but failed utterly to absorb its contents; I brought my lunch but no gift. I don't want to discuss Christmas. It's a good thing I got my turkey ages ago (I have a friend who is a poultry farmer). Otherwise, I would have absolutely nothing done. I should be baking cookies right now but I'm reading LJ for the first time in a week, instead.

It is astonishing how quickly the time has flown. I think one of the reasons it has snuck up on us is that the weather being unreasonably warm has lulled us into thinking it is earlier in the year than it is.

Diana Wynne Jones sounds like a good remedy!

I was talking this morning to my district nurse as she was changing my dressings and we both agreed that the reason it doesn't feel like Christmas is because the shops started getting chrimble stuff out in bloody SEPTEMBER, and everyone was like 'oh Christmas is months away, don't have to worry' and now all of a sudden its next week and suddenly people are like 'shit, it's Christmas' and running around like chooks with their heads cut off, and or pork chops in pickle factories.

One of the reassuring things about regular chores (dishes, laundry,  weeding,  cooking) is that they ARE regular. One can take comfort in that.  It relaxes the mind to not have to actually think of what has to be done - it is a kata, and one can dance through it while waiting for the brain chemistry to settle.  One of the reasons I practice chanoyu (to which you would be welcome,  as I'm just down the road from you).

If our tree is up, it's because it's still up from last year. Yay, it's artificial.

Diana Wynne Jones is a good solution for most things.

I know the kind of feeling you're talking about. I heard a piece on the giant clam thing... so awful...

I enjoy reading your garden journal. May I ask what font you use? Happy gardening.

Clam Sorrow Hangover will be the name of my new Wayne Newton cover band.

I read that as "Maybe I'll curl up with Diana Wynne Jones" and thought, "Wait, you know DWJ and are on curling up terms? That is so awesome!" Then my eyes finished reading the words and, "Oh. Never mind." I wasn't sure if she's even still alive so I looked it up and now I'm sad.

That "how strange, look at me going on like I know what I'm doing" perfectly describes the out-of-body experiences I had as an intern. It still happens more than is comfortable, but I suppose being in a place where I've got neither incontinent house nor beautiful beagle makes it a bit more...I dunno, acceptable?

I went to a wildlife conference in Australia few years ago--think 100 of the smartest people in the world of wildlife surveillance and ecology stuff (plus 50 or so schlubs like me), all going, "yep, and we're being REALLY dumb with this routine fishing practice, and just wait till you see what's happening with forests in India!"

One guy started his lecture with explaining how oysters are the basis of civilization as we know it, and then showed the before and after photos of some Australian oyster bay that had been fully defoliated by upstream pesticides. That one had a happy ending, though: the oyster farmers negotiated a deal with the tea-tree plantations to go organic, and the oysters started coming back.
Then someone mentioned the Great Barrier Reef and we were back to exasperation with the human race.

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