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Waffle House & Tortoises

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Here's to George's breed being remade and lasting much longer.





You'll have to start over--I'm sorry!--but I'm working on porting it to Ren'py right now!

Hurray! That was too much fun to leave behind, very pleased to hear it's in work again.

I really like what you can do with Ren'py. Long Live the Queen was a rather complex, polished game and it was made in Ren'py. It's good for storytelling with game-like elements added, rather than a game with storytelling added.

sketch away, work it out.

that is fabulous news about Lonesome George...

Interesting side effect to the medication, sketching. Not one you usually see in the list that tends to accompany the things you get on prescription.

Good news for George, hopefully it won't end in tears though.

The toroise story made me very happy. I am enjoying your sketches, so please consider me your purpose, if it helps keep you working on them.

Edited at 2015-12-21 02:03 am (UTC)

I have that same problem with things like sketching and exercise- I want to accomplish something, not just make motions. Which is probably why I'll never manage to learn a musical instrument.

Hooray for tortoises!

I love how you draw Kevin!

"I'm very bad at doing things with no immediate purpose."

Now I can never look at your art again without thinking, "What was the immediate purpose of this?"

Ha, I was just thinking. I've seen the Ursula self potraits but I don't know that I've ever seen you draw Kevin. Boom, there's Kevin. Although
I'd like to see an Ursula arty Kevin sometime.

Not quite what you're asking for, but here are two badges by Ursula for Kevin: SparkleKevin and Alchemist FC Badge.

Ummmmm..... the immediate purpose of exercise is to raise your heart rate and make you sweat.

The sweating is optional, but it really needs to raise your heart rate*. Recent research has shown that 1 minute every hour for eight hours is good enough to make a long-term difference for people with a very sedentary life. (Why, yes, I was a guinea pig for science. It was fun! I was in the "15 minutes in the middle of every 4 hour long stretch". Science proved that one minute every hour was more effective than "saving up" for an extensive energetic session.)

"Exercise" can be as little as swaying (aka: dancing in place) to a fast paced song for the length of the song (if you're doing the one-minute-an-hour-workout), yoga-like stretches, whatever. Gardening - especially when it comes to moving and placing pavers counts as exercise, too. Basically, if it gets your heart rate up, it counts.

* The long term purpose of raising your heart rate on a regular basis is to get a healthier body.

Another long term benefit of exercise/raising the heart rate is to delay and/or avoid Type II diabetes/heart disease/stroke/etc. If one already has one of the aforementioned diseases, there can be a reduction in medication dosage.

Fringe benefit: you can keep up with the kids/pets, keeping them out of trouble with the neighbors without you getting winded...

I have a bunch of things that I've wanted to do, and only just started figuring out what I need to have in order to get them done. Like weight lifting: I won't do it if I'm just left to my own devices, but if I go see a personal trainer than I not only go to that but I go lift on days I'm not doing the PT. Sometimes finding out what little things work for you motivation-wise is good.

I love seeing your sketches. :) And hooray for the Galapagos tortoises, I hadn't heard that news! and science chickens!

I love the Waffle House. And turtles.

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