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Waffle House & Tortoises

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Ummmmm..... the immediate purpose of exercise is to raise your heart rate and make you sweat.

The sweating is optional, but it really needs to raise your heart rate*. Recent research has shown that 1 minute every hour for eight hours is good enough to make a long-term difference for people with a very sedentary life. (Why, yes, I was a guinea pig for science. It was fun! I was in the "15 minutes in the middle of every 4 hour long stretch". Science proved that one minute every hour was more effective than "saving up" for an extensive energetic session.)

"Exercise" can be as little as swaying (aka: dancing in place) to a fast paced song for the length of the song (if you're doing the one-minute-an-hour-workout), yoga-like stretches, whatever. Gardening - especially when it comes to moving and placing pavers counts as exercise, too. Basically, if it gets your heart rate up, it counts.

* The long term purpose of raising your heart rate on a regular basis is to get a healthier body.

Another long term benefit of exercise/raising the heart rate is to delay and/or avoid Type II diabetes/heart disease/stroke/etc. If one already has one of the aforementioned diseases, there can be a reduction in medication dosage.

Fringe benefit: you can keep up with the kids/pets, keeping them out of trouble with the neighbors without you getting winded...

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