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Solstice Journal

My new (very) short story, "Telling the Bees" is free to read at Strange Horizons!

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Wow. Kind of creepy and totally fascinating story. Thank you!

That little sketch of Kevin is pricelessly adorable!

And chicken is looking like it definitely doesn't want to cross the road.

Lovely little story...

The story reminds me of a novel by Finnish SF writer Johanna Sinisalo where bees, and their ability to cross the borders between life and death - and present and future - is a central theme. It's available in English as The Blood of Angels.

On another topic, just want to say how much I am loving Seventh Bride. Thanks for writing!

My Dad and Stepmom were so terrified of me driving either of their cars, my Dad found me a beat up 61 VW Bug (which I had the honor of paying him half for) to drive because it was cheaper insurance.

This is where Rules and Consequences came into total play.

Strange and lovely story: thank you. Reading for the shortest day.

Hamster Princess 2 is....!!! ...ah, available for pre-order. Okay.

Disquieting and brilliant little story. Thanks. And it shows the importance of not mumbling...

That was a good story and I can't help wondering what would happen when she does find a dead queen. Interesting alternate curse for "Sleeping Beauty."

I like the sketches of the Cedar Waxwing. Poor chicken dares not cross the road now!

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"Telling the Bees" is wondrous. Not a wasted word.

Your short short story is fascinating.

BTW just came across a webpage on io9 telling about it - see http://io9.gizmodo.com/this-short-story-about-death-and-bees-is-the-strangest-1749510764


Thank you so much for that story. It was just what I needed somehow.

Thank you for the gift of the story. May I, in turn, share it with others?

I haven't 'been here' for a long while, and am only now seeing your new [to me] little drawings... so lovely.

May 2016 treat you and yours well

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