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Journal 12-22

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Yes! Star Wars! I really want to hear your take on it. You see things through a lens I do not, and it's usually absurdly fun and often weirdly insightful. :)

Edited at 2015-12-23 12:57 am (UTC)

Why is it being woken up that way sounds really cute, until it happens to you?

Love the kitten waking sketch and the random pangolin.

Hooray for Random Pangolin! The Pangolin has long been by favorite critter. I even built one a few years back - http://hwango.deviantart.com/art/Pangolin-Sculpture-579628327

Let's hear it for random pangolins!

Chicken is listening to the Empire theme isn't it. Isn't It!?

Also, post offices are scary this time of year and my heart goes out to the workers. I know one, she's the nicest person in the world, but you CANNOT talk to her from Thanksgiving until New Year's Eve.

Garden Hen has left it all behind her. :)

The world needs more random pangolins.

I prefer sweet potato pie over pumpkin (did you know that if you add Garam Masala to either, it transforms the pie into a thing of wonder? Soooo good) but agree that Pie For Breakfast is totally appropriate for the Days Around Holidays. Also, mimosas. Mimosas and pie might be the perfect Christmas Morning.

Random Pangolin is my Tor cover publisher.

I've discovered that an ideal time to go to my local post office is 1:45 pm. Today when I got there the queue was empty, just had to wait briefly until one of the clerks finished helping one of the people who'd arrived before me.

Cheesecake, I think beats pumpkin pie for breakfast. But not by much.

lilisonna I will have to try that! Sounds - interesting.

Oh hey, I'll also be seeing Star Wars today. :) We can babble at each other about it after!

Dessert For Breakfast is one of the happinesses of the universe. It doesn't matter whether it's pie, cheesecake, or baklava. But not Turkish Delight. Turkish Delight is not breakfast.

Your diary is a complete delight. I love reading it, and chuckling at the illustrations!

Pumpkin Pie for breakfast is superb.
Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't get to say so before The Day.

At least yours doesn't bite. Mine bites. And bite. And BITES until I give up and get up to fix her some breakfast. Or until Mom gets up, at which point she chases Mom for a while.

Bitiest kitten ever, I swear.

We have a biting kitty, too! He was probably weaned too early and now considers that the best way to greet people is to sort of gently nom their fingers, and lick -- and the best way to play is chomp! (Really, while he can pinch, the more dangerous thing is that he'll not realize that his claws need clipping -- and he HATES claw clipping -- and puncture that way!)

He is not allowed in the bedroom when we sleep, though. For that reason, and because we have a waterbed.

Mine doesn't really know the meaning of gentle. >.> She'll make a good hunter, but it certainly does hurt being the practice target!

My cats never harmed my waterbed, but they would climb to the highest point in the room and jump on it, whether I was sleeping in it or not. there's not much sleeping through that.

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