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Christmas Weekend Journal

(Amy will hopefully forgive me for this very rough doodle. It's a good tattoo, though!)

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Is that a Captain America shield?

Yep! (I saw a picture on Twitter.)

TRUE friends send you chocolate scat for xmas!
Sounds like a Merry Holiday to me!

Kevin has heart eyes! That is SO CUTE!!!

I saw and squeed at the chocolate scat on twitter. I still think my favorite scat related treat was something we did here at work with a girl scout troop - rice crispie treat racoon scat! Melt chocolate chips in with your marshmallows for that lovely color, and then mix in all kinds of goodies. Dried cranberries, seeds, shredded coconut, whatever you can think of to represent the undigested stuff. Shape appropriately. We served them with lemonade, because how could you NOT?!

Big squee over the edible scat! I have fond memories of teaching a scat-making workshop at a naturalist conference many many years ago, in this lovely hotel with white table clothes on all the elegant tables, and there we are all these crazy park naturalists, adding peppercorns to our raccoon scat to look like cherry pits, and rolling the deer and rabbit poops in dried parsley and herbs to give it that authentic herbivore look, and discussing how to get the end twist on the fox scat juuust right (we were making permanent scats out of sculpy for displays and teaching, but I brought handouts with recipes for the edible kind (mine had those little white nonpareil candy decoration thingies standing in for the raccoon roundworm).

I... did not know this was a thing. I find this kind of delightful. Especially the mental image of a bunch of people making it in a fancy conference room.

Your friends win Christmas!

Your friends know you so well, well Kevin at least seems rather happy at the gift.

Chocolate scat? Who knew?

Right up there with the Tió de Nadal...

I love the hearts in the sunglasses.

I got my first tattoo at 19 and in the deathless words of my Gran, "thats all well and good, but what are you going to do about it when you are older?"

I love tattoos, but I haven't found a "totem image" that sticks with me long enough to have the work done. I just wished henna lasted longer.

I'm much the same way. I know I'll get a tattoo eventually, but I haven't found an image that says, "Yep, that's me!" yet.

I did not realize until just now that I needed realistic animal scat chocolate in my life. Now it's all I can think about.

Where can I get realistic animal scat chocolate? Sounds amazingly hilarious.

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