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Fear The Chunk

This little boy was extremely concerned that someone would say the word "chunk." I can only assume that the Knights that say Ni have branched out.

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It's always good to have tea to drink.

I was tooling around the back roads when I first moved back into the area and saw a guy in a pick up (S10 type) with a calf in the passenger seat. I mentioned it to someone else and got that same response, Yeah, it happens around here.

And I get weird looks when the car is full of goats. Go figure.

lol. Saw a goat in the vet's waiting room once with her person. I was trying very hard not to find it strange.

This reminds me of the time when I taught Bean (my Dearly Beloveds' daughter) that "Oh, DUDE!" was a serious cuss word.

Much hilarity ensued :D

Sounds like somebody needed to moove.

I wonder if the boy realizes how many times he said the offending word.

Thank you for these so much.

In rural Oklahoma, the electricity sometimes flickers if a cow decides the utility pole is a good way to scratch an itch.

(Deleted comment)
Dislexic devote Buddhist cows say "Moo Oom" just to cover all the bases.

What a nice little chunking story ursulav. I realy enjoyed it. Thanks.
Have a nice First years day and a Happy New Year.

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