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Happiness Is Instant Ginger Honey Mix

Seriously, this stuff.

Also, at some point our society transitioned to YouTube videos as the preferred tutorial format, and it makes me bonkers. I like reading things and looking at pictures. Videos are not at all my preferred input. I can understand all the reasons they're good, but I just want to READ WORDS DAMMIT.


*shakes fist at clouds*

I'm so with you on the READING WORDS part -- especially for news. I hatehatehate it when I go to a news-site and the thing I'm interested in is a video clip (Weather Channel, I am looking at you).

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but I just want to READ WORDS DAMMIT


Likewise. Words, and maybe some diagrams.

I am so done with rain. And with warm weather. I'm going to have daffodils blooming by 12th Night at this rate, and my elephant ears have sent up green questioning shoots. (Also, why did no one tell me that Elephant Ears are invasive before I planted them? Good lord; I'm going to have to pull so many shoots this year.) Our roof sprang a leak, and it's only because we've had a day of glorious sunshine in between the torrential downpours that it's not STILL raining inside our house. (Home ownership is a racket, kids. Approach with caution.)

I join you in the fist-shaking.

Video tutes are the bane of my existence. I can read and look at pics faster than the damn thing can load and play. My connection is *barely* DSL, so the things stall and spin and jerk and sometimes not ever load, no matter how many times the Firefox thing rotates. Now, for things that require small, smooth motions, they rock (if they'll load). I've learned some beading stitches that way that I just couldn't manage through text & still pics. But dammit I don't need a video to just tell me about stuff. Unless, of course, it's Ze Frank or Talking Kitty Cat, the rudest feline ever.

I read far faster than the best-paced video tutorial I've ever seen can present the same material: there are some occasions where I've found value in video tutorials but they've been very, very rare. Good technical writing is hard, so people don't write.

(Also tangentially related, the quote "My friend, I have written you a long letter because I did not have time to write a short one" attributed to the mathematician Blaise Pascal.)

Rather apropos someone with the username blaisepascal has commented right after you :D

If I miss something, it's a pain in the tuchus to back up 15 seconds to catch it again. It's impossible to bookmark a spot which has the valuable information. It's hard to scan to find just the info you are looking for.

I don't like watching 30-60 seconds of the tutor talking about his channel, or his day, or how he works, or some other stuff not directly related to the tutorial. I don't need to hear "Hi, it's me again, with another tutorial. I'm really sorry I missed last week's tutorial, I had to go to a conference for work. It was really great, and gave me lots of ideas for future tutorials. I hope to make some of them in the future. Anyway, if you have ideas for future tutorials please leave comments below and like this channel."

I love that stuff!! It is pretty much all that kept me upright and performing during the cold, wet, rainy part of Renaissance Festival a few years ago, and now I always make sure to have some on hand. It's the bomb!

Yep. Loathe video tutorials for everything except crochet. I find those soothing. I can't *do* what the doer is doing, but there is proof that it can be done.

The maternal unit makes ginger tea from scratch -- ginger, grated and boiled, add lemon and honey to taste -- and has vanquished sore throats and cured mubblefubbles and mulligrubs on three continents and counting!

(And I'd suggest rum, rather than vodka, especially spiced rum...)

Yup, and even when it's for things that a demonstration would help, why do these tutorials have really long and boring intros? They talk so much. I looked up a video on how to do a French plait and it was ten minutes of dithering before they started combing the hair.

It's like that one, very specific type of food blogger (you know the one) who prefaces every recipe with 10 paragraphs of reminiscing about their childhood/vacation/whatever that you have to scroll through before you get to the actual instructions.

YES! I just want to learn how to set up a drop cap, damnit. I need ONE LINE of text that tells me what menu that option can be found in, not a five-minute video in which someone drags their cursor across the screen at the speed of slug.



Yes, and there's a huge chance the voice is annoying as hell, and either they mouse reeeeaaaallly slow or it's spazzing all over the screen like a bug on crack.

A friend of mine has been advocating that tv;dw (too video, didn't watch) join tl;dr in the standard internet lexicon.
I have opted for more expensive but otherwise not superior software instead of more economically friendly choices because the cheaper one only had video tutorials, and my time is really more valuable than sitting through watching someone give a guided tour of the navigation menu..


Or, in other words, another person here who hates video tutorial crap.

Chiming in here on the "reading words" part.

And that ginger stuff sounds like an awesome mixed drink base. I'll have to get some...

i SO SO SO agree with you that videos suck when you want DIRECTIONS. i don't want someone else's telling me how THEY use it, i want to read directions then LEARN HOW MYSELF.