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Happiness Is Instant Ginger Honey Mix

Seriously, this stuff.

Also, at some point our society transitioned to YouTube videos as the preferred tutorial format, and it makes me bonkers. I like reading things and looking at pictures. Videos are not at all my preferred input. I can understand all the reasons they're good, but I just want to READ WORDS DAMMIT.


*shakes fist at clouds*

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This is actually one of the reasons that I started knitting in meetings and lectures. I know some people think it's rude, and that I'm not paying attention, but part of what knitting does is occupy the portion of my mind that would go off on tangents, so the rest of me can stay focused. (And I wish I'd kept that article I saw seven or eight years ago that showed that a portion of the population actually focus better when they have something to do with their hands.)

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