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First Journal of the Year

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Quippet! Quippet is SO ADORABLE!

It would appear Random Hen had too much fun last night. Good for her!

Also, excellent sympathetic magic work. I have a stack of bills to pay. *sigh*

Fingers crossed on Castle Hangnail winning.

Torties make good supervisors.

Chupacabras are nice too!

oh, congrats on the nomintion for the Cybil.

I recognized Quippet even before reading the comment! I think it's the eyes.
I love Quippet; also, I love Journal Chicken (who I never seem to think of as having a specific gender).
Happy New Year from a long-time lurker!

Ah - Garden Hen is having some lovely hot ginger crystals.

Garden Hen needs a name…even if it is: Garden Hen.

It ought to incorporate 'Bob', no matter what gender Garden Chicken is.

True. That is the UV default name for just about anything!

Bob-hen Frapples

Your chicken looks a wee bit the worse for wear. Hope that the hot drink helps!

Your first of the year sympathetic magic and mine have a lot in common. May it work well for both of us!

I hope you have a good 2016, not that you can go very wrong with Proper Kitty Supervision :)

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