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Painful Journal

Incidentally, I think I might actually write that book. (Y'know, in my copious spare time.) If you have any burning questions about how to write a book--that I can answer!--give a yell. It may be short on craft and heavy on weird anecdotes, mind you...

So sorry to read about your shoulder. May that be the worst thing that happens to you this year.


My questions would be about getting published. I wrote a fantasy novel a few years back, I think I'll have to wind up going the amazon route

It may be short on craft and heavy on weird anecdotes, mind you

You say that like it's a problem.

(Also, you should totally include the one about "How I got an agent"


I plan on self pub-ing my fantasy novel this spring, once I get it back from the friends-and-family edits (one is a Grammar Nazi, yay!) but I still want to know how one goes about this and will agents take name dropping?

(Deleted comment)
Hope you feel better soon!

Tortie blep so adorbz. -_-

Owch! I hope it is just a pinched nerve or something minor.

Well someone else has mentioned getting published. So how do you get from Yay! I have written a book, to seeing it on shelves.

Surviving book tours ?

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I injured my shoulder—actually fell on it—in July. Because I thought I had done something to my wrist or forearm, that w as X-rayed instead of my shoulder. Nothing was found, and I was sent on my way.

Forward to September, when I fractured my kneecap. I only mention that because when I go for my 1 session of physical therapy, I'm given a shoulder exercise to do, that basically will stretch the traps. I've been diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis.

I do the exercise until…

I fell on New Year's Day and re-injured my shoulder. Same one.

This is my roundabout way of commiserating—feel better!

I like your handwriting.


She explained it all back here.

"The primary handwriting font is "Sweet Home Oklahoma""
because "my handwriting is...dismal, to say the least"

I think the chicken got into the Percoset.

Hope you feel better soon!

RE writing... I'd like to know how to get over crippling self-doubt and JUST WRITE ALREADY. ;P

Good luck with the shoulder. :(

Falling off a horse isn't fun, I've done that one before. Related: horse people do not go to the hospital for concussions, they give you NSAIDS and you go about your day.

No questions for your book on writing, but I just wanted to leave this here:

I am certain I am not alone in saying that I would read that book primarily for the weird anecdotes.

Short on craft and heavy on weird anecdotes sounds just about perfect. Bring it on!

The thing I wonder about is the ability to function as your own boss, whether you're writing or illustrating or whichever. I know you've talked in the past about your freelancing work driving deadlines into your hindbrain - I guess what I'm curious about is being a successful creative professional in general. (I heard you snort! You are totally a creative professional!)