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Journal (and links!)

You can read my novelette, The Tomato Thief, at Apex for free right now!

My life is awesome, if I can just keep from getting exiled to the bed every other day...

*googles Maladaptive Daydreaming*
*reads wikipedia*

Yup, yup, yup.

I write stuff down, in part, so I can stop holding that world in my head. Or that scene. Or whatever. Then I can re-read it when I want. >_>

I write stuff down in the mistaken belief that doing so will a) at least validate the lifetime spent building this world in my head or b) give me some peace once I've given the thing some kind of physical form.

Neither result has yet occurred, let's be honest here. Mainly because I'm constantly revising...

I want to confess to reading Tomato Thief three times in a row.
I kept clapping my hands at different points every time!

Funny thing... I generally only get the symptoms of "Maladaptive Daydreaming" if I don't read enough fiction. As long as I'm spending enough time in other folks daydreams, apparently my own are satisfied to stay well adapted and securely in the background.

Also. The Tomato Thief is a grand adventure. Much enjoyed!

I, too, liked The Tomato Thief very much. It's going to be a while before I stop giggling about coyotes.

EEE! KOSCHEI! The Tomato Thief is the BEST addition to one of my most favorite stories! I'm going to read it a thousand times now.

Sorry, might be a little, um, excitable, there. :D

She's awesome, but I have a question. After she picks up the scale, "She put it in her pocket, because something the desert gives you an answer, and it is your job to find the question." Shouldn't "something" be "sometimes"?

RE: Yay, Grandma Harken!

Yep. Alerted the editor!

(Deleted comment)
Oh god, maybe that's why the beagle has lost it.

Scary and very, very good, The Tomato Thief is.

I hope that you feel better and stay better!

... his god thought letters were prayers and moved them as a kind of professional courtesy.

Thank you. This struck me in just the right way.

there is a rock shop in new mexico, near a lead mine.

there was a grandmother who lived there, whose husband died of working in the lead mine, whose daughters grew up in the shadows of atomic testing.

who shot a gun at her grandson, and killed the rattlesnake that was about 2 feet from him. she ran away from her warm home and died in the winter desert rather than move into town.

she was much like your jackalope wife. thank you! (she was my husband's grandmother)

Tomato Thief is proof you can take the woman out of the desert but not take the desert out of the woman.

Issue bought for my Kindle.

I needed Grandma Harken today. Thank you for telling her adventures.

Thank you for that fine novelette.

The Tomato Thief is wonderful.

.... maladaptive daydreaming. Well who would want to be adapted to this world?

Does "finish" mean art or writing? I can only stunt-double for one of these. And I'd probably have to steal my roommate's Surface Pro while he's sleeping or something. >.>

Writing, so faster, thankfully!


"Tomato Thief" is outstanding -- and Grandma Harken seems a bit like "Silver John" for the Southwest, only your stories have better characters & writing. Huzzah! Thank You for the stories!