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Journal (and links!)

You can read my novelette, The Tomato Thief, at Apex for free right now!

My life is awesome, if I can just keep from getting exiled to the bed every other day...

Grandma Harkin is every bit as badass as Granny Weatherwax, I'd love to see a stare-down between the two (they'd probably have tomatoes on bread together and get on like a house on fire).
I loved the story!

A stare down between those two would probably rip a hole in space & time at the point between them.

Which would be awkward.

The allergy attack ... was it after eating something?

I have coworker that came down with hives after eating some fish that tasted "off", and concluded it was scombroid food poisoning (in which bacteria convert the amino acid histidine into histamine, causing the victim to react as if they had an allergic reaction).

Cooking does not destroy histamine, so once food has been contaminated this way it cannot be decontaminated, and should be disposed of.

I bet vultures and other scavengers are insensitive to histamine, otherwise they could not eat decayed tissue. Lucky them.

I do this! And when I left my ex, I didn't do it quite so much and that annoyed me. I want my daydreams back.

Those of us who responded to your suggestion that we support APEX also got to read Razorback yesterday. There were some seriously wonderful bits in it, as well as the whole story being seriously wonderful.

Oh, oh, oh. Tomato Thief is just lovely! I love Grandma Harken, and I love your depiction of the desert. I've been wanting to move to Santa Fe for a while, and this is the kind of thing feeding that urge...

Tomato Thief was lovely. Lovely lovely lovely.