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Journal (and links!)

You can read my novelette, The Tomato Thief, at Apex for free right now!

My life is awesome, if I can just keep from getting exiled to the bed every other day...

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She's awesome, but I have a question. After she picks up the scale, "She put it in her pocket, because something the desert gives you an answer, and it is your job to find the question." Shouldn't "something" be "sometimes"?

RE: Yay, Grandma Harken!

Yep. Alerted the editor!

Re: Yay, Grandma Harken!

hahah I was just about to comment on that if no one else had found it yet.

That said, I'm most of the way through reading this, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Re: Yay, Grandma Harken!

I helped Ursula! YAY!!!

Re: Yay, Grandma Harken!

Secondary editing comment:
But she’d also known her mother for a very long time, and she recognized make us both snappish as an olive branch.

Not sure what it should be, but this 'recognized make us both' seems unintentionally wrong?

And “Suppose a magic sleep can’t compared to a bunch of forks in the back.”


And “You’re got one leg in a trap,” -> You've

And finally, "It wasn’t anymore full of monsters" is perhaps not strictly wrong, but my mind keeps coming back to it and wanting it to be "any more".

What a wonderful story. I love the train gods.

Edited at 2016-01-06 02:31 pm (UTC)

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